Is Rexy Too Overpowered as a Legerdary?

Um hello, Rexy Does 3000 Damage no crit at level 16 for his rampage. Priority attack with increased speed, increased damage. In a fight with Thor and Rexy, I think Rexy would either win or come close to killing Thor. Especially her devouring cleanse with heals like 600 health per turn, which makes her frickin unbeatable against other legendaries and epics. I’m just saying that I like Rexy the way she is, but I don’t want to get scared anymore when I’m in pvp and she swaps in… :sweat_smile:

Mistake: With a crit it’s 3000! Sorry!! :sweat_smile:

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My rexy helped me beat Lord Lythronax


I will be posting a lot about alive and sometimes jwtg so stay tuned!! :grin:

Mano a mano, probably. Im a high gyro, low shores player and there was nothing in my arsenal that could take it down.

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The problem is its an apex dino disguised as a legendary. The stats, resistances, and movepool are all apex teir


I totally agree!

Rexy is definitely WAY to overpowered and is in the top 5 currently


She can single handedly handle an entire team with little effort

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For what it’s worth, I was only able to make it to step 8 of yesterday’s 10-step epic strike tower. Normally I can complete all epic strike towers even though I have no current meta creatures, as what I do have is level 30 with some boosts. I didn’t have anything that can take down the boosted level 30 Rexy in that tower, as step 9 only allowed 2 creatures and the last step only allowed 1. I didn’t even bother attempting 9, as I knew from the previous steps that I needed more than two creatures to take her down.

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Thank you guys so much for the comments! I just started today, so It really means a lot! :face_holding_back_tears:

With the emote strikes I’m stuck on the rexy lvl 30 and rexy seems to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to beat. Rexy seems a bit to overpowered to be a legend. If you don’t have anything to counter rexy like me rexy is way to hard to defeat. I have lvl 18 rexy

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I think rexy is just to over powered…

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Yeah it destroyed my indoraptor gen 2 (level 20) and the rexy was level 18

The cycle goes like this:
Step 1: Release an overpowered creature in a new update.
Step 2: Ppl go crazy by buying the incs/boosts & make their creature boosted.
Step 3: Wait for sometime, till everyone has the creature at usable level.
Step 4: Nerf the creature saying it’s overperforming compared to others of similar rarity/
Step 5: Go to step 1


Spot on @iRex

the only thing i can beat it with is indominus but that probably only works for really high leveled ones since mine is level 30

That’s why I’m not boosting my Rexy even though I really want to

Rexy is a legendary as we know.
Using the way I think the game should be scaled (legendries not being the best in the game)
rexy should be worse, much worse, it outcompetes mortem currently.
there aren’t many good counters either, and it powercrept a few things.