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Is rinex that much better then sinoraptor? 🤷‍♂️


a quick comparison shows that rinex is bulkier but has less damage, slower and no armor. it has good damage rightaway but so does sinotaptor. it can escape but then you are forced to escape into sometimes not the prefered dino. i have a level 22 rinex but havent really put it on my team so i have limited experience. i do know they can really cause havoc on your team and its a tyrant level.

looking at sinoraptor. it has less health almost 1k less then rinex but has 15% armor. has about 200 more damage then rinex. is faster then rinex so it could be a great counter to rinex. it cannot run away but its move kit can deal lots of damage.

im going to level Thor up once more to 25 then im going to decide which of these to invest in. any thoughts? anything im missing? all help is appreciated thankyou!!


My rinex carry my whole team throughout all time but my utasino is too weak to have a equal say about this. But I’ll try to give my opinion. In speed of 127 only put it in a favorable place against its next generation, otherwise its niche is very limited due to its hp. To a DPS your survivability will differ you from great to mortal.
Whereas you can put rinex in various situations and it still do its job, very few times will it lay waste unless it takes a cloak rampage soon as thrown in.


@Calebrys id love to here from you if you get some time. thankyou!!


very true thankyou. how do you counter rinex?


1, Red chicken or any cloaker, russian roulette style.
2, Call its daddy utasino to kick its rear end.
3, Take its health off(preferably tanks) til everything can oneshot it. When it run, send in something faster to pin its butt firmly on the bench.
4, A stronger rinex.

I’d say green chicken is not the optimal counter unless it’s a standoff at 2-2.

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I also have a lv22 rinex who’s wainting to see if it will get nerfed next patch before level up…
I think that maybe utasino can deal with rinex itself, but rinex is stronger versus a way greater quantity of dinos than utasino is. It’s a good opener and a decent revenge killer in the right scenario. Plus, dr on turn one is a very very strong move, maybe the best turn 1 move in the game.
To the counters, slowers like monostego and stegocera can deal with it and force it to run, a first move shield tank can deal with it right too.
Indo and indom beats it, erlidom beats it, don’t know if spinota beats it but is faster.

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Stegocera and monostego must be 1 level higher to deal with rinex, otherwise rinex can do the combo and kill you with the impact and run. Indo vs rinex depends on whether the first DR lands, if it does, your indo will be in a tough situation. If it doesn’t than indo wins. I-Rex and Eirldom are great against rinex, but usually their level are lower than rinex, so I’d say eirldom is better due to higher damage. Monomimus and tanks are great, if rinex doesn’t run, rinex will lose, so monomimus is better as it can deal much more damage than tanks to rinex before it runs.


Maybe ankylocodon could do well against rinex but is not so played where rinex is


I solo’d the level 30 T-rex with my level 22 Utasinoraptor.


All we know that actually utarinex works really good in the arena, but you know that could be a nerf coming so my suggestion is to wait a little to see what is coming and so you will have a prespective on what to do and lvl up.

Actually i’m working on lvl up the dinos and collecting dna for thoradolosaur, i allready have utarinex at lvl 24

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another reason why im hesitant. i guess im tired of seeing the same dinos all the time and im looking for some out of the box thinking. utahsin being the highest damage raptor just looks like a great choice. has the oh crap factor lol when you least expect it.

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That’s an other great point. in the end it’s a game and you have to enjoy it, playing also what you like. That’s the reason why i’m tempted to level up stegoceratops for example. I’m totally with you.

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This is a very good question! I personally prefer a Dino that can chain its attack and dish out as much damage as she can while alive, rather than peacing. The queen utasino has given me no trouble whats so ever, and can take down tanks her level. A lot of people underestimate her health, but that armor is gold and keeps her alive, and woah lets not forget about that critical impact. Distract the opponent first giving about 2,385+ distract damage, then chain stun is another 1,500 damage + 2,385(+ critical impact). Then repeat lol. Stun hardly fails, quite versatile, and she is a great opener, ender, you name it.

My queen is currently L26 and my utarinex is L24. I told Hersh the other day, while playing this game the two best feelings is throwing in daddy indo against the L29 or less indos, and throwing out utasino against rinex. Everytime my queen kills a rinex, Im like “you should’ve gone this route buddy” LOL. If there wasn’t a Thor in the picture, the queen would get the lvl up > pigeon. Don’t get me wrong, utarinex fits its role as a tyrant, but utasino fits more of my style of play :smile:


I can vouch for the fact that it does. :slight_smile:

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And she also wins the beauty contest :smile:


at what level would you say its comfortable to take on average level 26 foes?


I would say at around L24 and up to be comfortable with L26 foes.

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Hi, I seem to have lost my tuora, has anyone seen it?

Oh there it is! Time for bed boy, lets go. You can play with your friend later.

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In all seriousness, utahsino is really good. Just not my style.