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Is Rose Monroe/Dahlia Vince returning any time soon?

Okay so Rose Monroe(damn I love her so much) has gone to settle down to start her career, and I miss her already.

The story with her shouldn’t end like this.

Like , I’m falling in love with a surrogate mother, and I treat her with so much care, giving her surprises and all the love(though she deserves this all as she’s such a sweety and of a loving nature), but then one fine day she gets a dream job offer and she leaves.

Like at least she can text me till she’s settling down there?
Or is it too difficult to drop a text while settling down?

Anyways, does anyone have any idea when this story will progress?
Or is this the end to the story?

I hope they don’t end it this way, coz I’m way too attached to her character.

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