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Is Scaphotator even good?

I’ve been using Scaphotator and i can’t really tell if it’s even good.Despite it destroying many opponent’s I still can’t really tell seeing it’s very fragile health.

By the way i’m at the stage where i’m starting to get epic hybrids.

Maybe telling the Arena will help. I think it works for Arena 3 and maybe Arena 4 if levelled till that extent. You have many more options:-

Thylacotator(Suchotator and Marsupial Lion)
Indominus Rex Gen 2

If you know how to use scaphotator then yes it’s good.

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i’m in arena 3

Purutaurus is going to do amazing for you,so will Procerathomimus and the others,but for your stage it is good.

I didn’t think it was good but then I face it with boosts along with diplotator and it destroys my allosino and almost killed my indom

Scaphotator can be very good if highly leveled. I personally myself wouldn’t use it but some people use it very well and nicely!

I’ve used it, it was pretty underwhelming compared to Thyla and Sarco.

Scapho is definitely a team player so if you a dino that can hit and run will make this dino a asset to the team

Unfortunately not at 3500+. But this thing is good below that!

Just level up scaphognathus. It’s a great nonhybrid and I’m around 250 in the current tournament with a level 24 scaph. Does well against the sauropods and as a suicide bomber

Suchotator does better.

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It is underwhelming but it can be very useful in certain situations.

It definitely didn’t deserve the nerf it got last patch