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Is slowing down combined?


Hey, just a quick question. I faced a lvl 26 Stegodeus with my lvl 22 Tenontorex. I use SS (slow down), opponent uses Thagomizer. Both are slowed down with -50%, so Tenontorex is still faster.
Now I went again with SS, opponent also used SS. Opponent now was able to do the next hit and killed Tenontorex with rampage.

So my question: Can slowing down effects be combined? That his Stego had -50% speed and Tenontorex -100%?
Had this always been that way? I always thought this couldn‘t be combined. :thinking:


Yes it is. And yes, I believe it’s always been that way… When I’m in a stegod vs stegod for example, I always try to combine slowing to get the upper hand.


I think they do depending on the attack. Like, I use thagomizer on the other dino. Im faster. They use ss. So now they’re slowed for 2 turns. So I use SS, and that goes up to 3 turns. So I think they do stack.


Ok, thx. Then I have to change my technique.
How would u deal with a Stegodeus in my case? Since my Tenontorex is barely critting, I kinda have the feeling that a higher lvled Stegodeus will always kill it.


Start with the distraction so the Thagomizer doesn’t do much damage… You should be able to resist… unless Stegod’s level is too high…