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Is something wrong with the supply drops

the supply drops say I have reached the limit of small scents, sanctuary feeding and play icons, I need to use 2 more play in sanctuary to complete my daily missions but I have not managed to get any today is there a way to fix this issue or do I have to just not get the daily mission rewards

I guess you planned it wrong :slight_smile: You need to know when the timers reset on missions and on supply drops, and make sure you always have 3 left when the new missions start.
There’s nothing you can do except get the ones from the green supply drops if you haven’t already.

When do the timers reset?

It would have been nice information to include, rather than just berating someone.

Seriously, I don’t know how the timers work. Please explain.

Everything has an (i) button. When you click it at the supply drop (see first screenshot on the right), you’ll see when it will reset. Click the missions button to see when those reset.
Just don’t start with spending your sanctuary goodies until the start of the new missions. There should be a 5 hour gap.


Here is where to tell when the time resets to start over for the next day.

The Food and Toy missions are always possible to complete.

My daily resets are as follows;
Daily Missions - 1:00 AM
Supply Drops - 8:00 PM

So say after 8:00 PM I’ve collected all the Food and Toy tokens I can and then I use them all leaving me with zero of each. Then 1:00 AM hits and I get the Food and Toy Daily Mission. I can’t do them yet because I used all my tokens up. But at 8:00 PM my Supply Drops will reset and the Daily Mission will still be active (until 1:00 AM), so I still have 5 hours to collect my Food and Toy tokens and complete the missions.

Interaction it is possible to be locked out of the mission due to the Free Incubator being the sole source for Interaction Tokens takes 6 hours to reset after you open it. I have a habit of using all my tokens daily knowing that I can always collect enough tokens daily to complete the missions. But it has happened to me twice that days did not go as planned and I wasn’t able to get on the game until after 7:00PM. And even though I opened my Free Incubator immediately and collected 2 Interaction tokens, it was going to be after 1:00AM before I could open my next Free Incubator to collect that 3rd Interaction Token that was needed to complete the mission. The mission would be impossible to complete. So I need to always try and hold onto at least 1 Interaction Token from day-to-day just in case.

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