Is Spinonyx better than Erlikospyx?

It may be slower by a bit, but two rampages? Bleed and Rend? I think I may just stick with it and keep going to team level instead of going into Erlikospyx.

Am I wrong?

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Low dmg, not so fast and no high hp. Pretty lame imo and both are overhyped. But I think Erlikospyx is better.


Erliko is awesome.


First I thought spinonyx was good but soon I realized it’s garbage tbh. Very low attack, mid hp and moveset look good but reality is often disappointing. I’ve not unlocked erlikospyx yet but still it looks better than spinonyx.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none.”


But with bleeds and rending attack, does damage even matter with such a creature?

In any case, Erlikospyx is a tyrant. Enough said.
And as for Spinonyx, it’s only an alpha, but one of the better ones. Still not as good as Dracorex Gen 2 though.


Spinonyx has balanced and quite strong abilities, but it is weak to damage reductions and its statistics are very low, but unlike others of the spinosaurus family, it can face immune dinosaurs and win.

I have not played with Erlikospyx but his skills and statistics compensate each other, giving him the same advantages, but almost no disadvantage, which makes him better than Spinonyx.

in the only thing that exceeds Spinonyx to Erlikospyx … it’s just his look so cool.

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Well from your guys input it’s definitely more worth to funnel into spyx, but…

I may just use it since no one else does and boost it beyond belief. Probably dumb but I’ll live with it lol

Thanks everyone for input


If you like the Dino and it works well on your team, boost away! Only you can say what works for you and is fun from your point of view!

I mean I boosted a Nodopatotitan and its made my trophies increase by at least 100! Great counter for Erlidom and Utahsino! Or just big hits in general!

I also like the model and moves of Spinonyx, but won’t boost it since I cant level it anyway.

Edit: Oh and anything that adds some variety to the arena is better than a few extra trophies IMO!

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Totally agree with you

Not enough players playing outside the box

Then again I just battle for incubators, I gave up hunting trophies awhile ago lol


Lookit that goofy boi. Feathers, purple sail, big snoot? I want him for appearance alone. The edgelord one is okay, but Spyx looks like he just rolled out of clown college.

With all DC running around, you want a dino with Rampage.