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Is Spinoraptor worth the DNA of leveling to 40?

I have a level twenty but haven’t unlocked her yet and was wondering if she is worth the DNA I would have to spend.

Spinoraptor at 20 works in dominator league in tournaments, but the cooldown starts getting a bit too long at 21+ for my taste, being something between 8-9 hours, it’s similar to rajastega 11 with the cooldown, but lower stats.
As a player who went for unlocking it in the past, I say it would be better to just play some modded, this way you’re also getting a chance for rajastega and some SDNA.
Good thing about spinoraptor is that you can make spinotasuchus, and since both kaprosuchus SDNA and spinoraptor are modded PvP rewards, you could max spinoraptor while gathering SDNA for spinotasuchus at the same time.
But if you don’t have time for modded or don’t plan to work on spinotasuchus, there are better options to spend your DNA on.

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Ok, thank you. I think I will try to get more of her in the mod pvp. Thanks!!

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Well, i would gi for carnoraptor instead. It is a better bargain.

But one of it’s components is locked for post reshuffle

But it is easy to get Pyros bte