Is Spinosaurus Gen 2 arena exclusive?

I’m currently at Sorna and can’t get past 3500. I was checking my dinodex and saw a nempty slot at the bottom. After extensive search I found out that I never even saw a Spinosaurus Gen 2.

Are they higher arena exclusive or something? I’ve been playing since 1.2, and currently at level 12.

No. You’ll find it in zone 3. I’ve actually seen it alot more lately.

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how do I define in which zone I am?

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Just look to see what common you see around you.

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I picked one up on the highway yesterday and this morning!

ohhhh cool cool cool thanks!

Apparently I work at 2, live at 4 and never stepped at 3. Weird thing is that I have almost 30k Allo DNA, while all the others are pretty scarce to me.

“fantastic beasts and where to find them” heheheh


Yeah, I see spino gen 2 all the time… used to be in my team… it’s pretty decent… just low health