Is spinotahsuchus better than suchotator?

The title speaks for itself

No IMHO … Spinota is a one trick creature (bleed); ideal for strike towers. Suchotator is a swiss army broadsword, SS, Nullify, Bleed - easier to level up too. One of only two rares in Metahubs Apex tier.


Speed is the issue. Because of the 129 speed Spino has the edge as it can sneak in useful hits against many faster dinos. Spino also has more consistent damage as a sweeper (crit impact can do a lot of damage).

No suchotator is Alot better survives where spinosutchus dies normally on the second move.

Yes. Both are very good though.

I find my Spino tends to end up in a 1-1 win, where both dinos die and now it is a 3 vs 3 Dino game instead of being up one. Definitely not dominant in the aviary.

Spinotahsuchus is better it is also harder to make.

3400+ 60% chance crit impact from a 129 speed dino is a huge benefit for me.

I prefer Spinotasuchus for the speed and the extra damage. Also, Critical Impact can be a real life saver.


What I like about 'tator’s speed is that it can land a wounding strike that indo can’t immediately cleanse, whereas with spinota there is that chance that indo will cleanse, so it’s always a guessing game of what to play.

I don’t actually use suchotator, but that speed disadvantage “advantage” and it’s health are the only real plus points I see.


@Jonus Indoraptor can clease in its first turn–so using DOT isn’t usually effective with first strike–always a guessing game.

But they can also evade, dodging a critical impact. It’s always a coin toss with that match up.


Imo they both fill different roles, Spinotahsuchus is a better lead dinosaur due to her speed and high damage output, while Suchotator is more of a secondary bleeder if things go sideways. I use both and They’re both performing pretty swell.


Spinotah is faster and forces opponents to swap or die basically, but in a swap heavy meta atm doesn’t tend to pay off as much. I’ve kept it but I am thinking off ditching it. It’s a weird one. Lol

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Even in a swap heavy meta Spinotahsuchus is still pretty decent, Swooping out into a DSR or some other crazy combos.

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The only major advantage spino has is speed. Sucho has more health and a very flexible moveset that make her a nuisance to way more opponents.

Aye good point. If you get a swoop away you’re golden.

Both bleeders has strengths and weaknesses.

Spinotasuchus is very fast and can outspeed 129 dinos like green chicken if you are the higher level. It’s more frail but does much more damage, and is much better against immune dinos than suchotator since it’s power is not solely rely on bleeding.

Unlike spinotasuchus, suchotator relies more on bleed, but with the buff to nullifying impact, suchotator becomes much better in some matchups, especially when overlevelled. For example, now suchotator only needs to be 1 level higher to beat indominus rex and can safely go for null impact straight away. Another point is at even levels, spinotasuchus doesn’t stand a chance against erlidom while suchotator actually has a chance to beat it (Although the match still favors erlidom).

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Both are very good, but the fact that we’re comparing a rare with a legendary shows how powerful Sucho is. Every update I fear they nerf our beloved bleeder.


It’ll be a sad,sad day when Ludia decides to nerf poor Tate :frowning: *(I call my Suchotator, Tate)