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Is Spinotasuchus a super-hybrid?



Can someone tell me if Spinotasuchus is superhybrid and can have a unique hybrid later?

And please explain how Dino is classed as super-hybrid?



Yes it is a superhybrid, It can’t get a unique.
You know that it is a superhybrid if one of its components is an hybrid (spinotahraptor in this case).


So this means I can level him without much thinking?


So far there’s no supersuperhybrid in the game. That can change, we don’t know. So saying “spinotasuchus can’t have an hybrid” is meh, I mean where does it say that?
But for the time being you can lvl it up without regret.

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I am just away from hitting level up button to level 26. Should I go for it?

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Wait the new update

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Maybe in the future they will add a new tier? Unlikely I guess but who knows with Ludia!

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