Is spinotasuchus worth getting?

Hey guys, just out of curiosity. Is it worth getting spinotasuchus? Sense most of screenshots I’ve seen of it at lv 10 already show it over 2000 ferocity. And 2bh, I don’t want to have put all that effort into maxing out another spinoraptor, waiting two or three months for enough S-DNA. Only for my battles to suddenly become extremely difficult.

However, I will say apperance wise. I do like the look of spinotasuchus.

Si ne vale la pena perchè ora è più forte dello spinoraptor al livello 40

I think all of the super hybrids are worth getting given the level of your team. As long as they do not imbalance your line ups go and get them. Reason being is you will be gathering SDNA just for playing so eventually you are going to have enough SDNA making the Super Hybrids free creatures in a way since you didn’t have to spend anything specific to gather the resources except the initial creature that you need to hybridize.


Fair enough, I think the main issue I have with the spinotasuchus from the screenshots I’ve seen from lv 10 to 40, is that lv 10 is instantly close to the same lv as a max Indominus Rex or lv 10 Indoraptor. And then it’s max ferocity is 2594.

I mean, it might be when more people start obtaining it, they change it so the ferocity gap between levels is much bigger, like maybe lv 10 is 500 points more ferocity then the spinoraptor. Like what they did with Monostegotops and Stegoceratops.

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Translated from Italian

It is worth it because now it is stronger than the spinoraptor on level 40

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