Is spinotasuchus worth it?

Im so close to it, I have the s-dna to fuze it. Althought im just wondering wether its worth it or not

It’s a poor man’s Indo. I’d say it comes down to if your ok/meed another Carnivore. At the very least it can be sold for 31,000 DNA, so a decent chunk of DNA to invest elsewhere in your lineup, only at the cost if your Spinoraptor.


it’s alright, i just got it out of pure collector need tbh.

i guess ill save my s dna so later i can just farm indos

But with them using different SDNA how would you farm Indos? Unless you mean switch SDNA to raptor.

I meant i will just get alot of kapro dna and just sell the spinotasuchus’ to get indo rex

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Ah that makes sense.

You will need them for Super Rare only events especially if you start to create Monostegotops and start to push the ferocity of your Super Rare line up past the standard hybrid level.


Get it. For the super rate battle and for tru

A great companion to use, I believe @Acrocanthosaurus can tell you why

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Yeah. Spinota is definitely my fav ingame creature although i love acro design


It s worth for my lineup.
Same ferocity as spinoraptor, but only a half cooldown.

At level 8-10 is good for dom league. I dont know what ferocity that other players have to fight, mine is around 5000-7000 in dom league.
I use level 20 VIP creatures, level 20 indo rex, level 10 super hybrid (super pare).

And my plan, after I push my lineup’s ferocity, I ll fused them. I think it s stat is below Indorator, but not that much.

Spino is currently the cornerstone of my PVE lineup for whenever I need a high attack creature, plus he is pretty heavily used in tournaments too. High attack, reasonable cool-down, not so little defence that you can’t use him twice.

I put off getting him in favour of Dimetrocarnus but later wished I had done so earlier.

I am not ready to take the leap to Indo for a while yet, so Spinotasuchus is an excellent substitute.


I’m starting to think about making spinotasuchus (I have enough S-DNA for several copies), but I’m not too eager because of the hatch time compared to dimetrocarnus… What are the stats at lvl 1?

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