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Is spinoyx really That good

I am just asking if spinoyx is good. He seems a little too good to be true. Two rampages, a lethal wound, and on top of that is a rending strike. He has deccel immunity. So is Spinoyx really that good?

Not really. It wasn’t really good before, and now is a bit worse since definite rampage was nerfed.
It doesn’t have high stats on anything, so It usually doesn’t perform very well on any role. But It is a decent jack of all trades, but not great, just average.
The unique hybrid spyx is way better and even then It underperforms because it’s so frail.

One shot fodder for speed boosted end game dinos.

Great moveset, average stats. Boosted, though, this thing could potentially do really well.

When I look at this thing, I say omg. How does one have that good of stats. I mean against indom and erlidom: uses definite rampage. Against genenmi and maxima: uses lethal wound or rending attack or even definite rampage. I think it is insane and it has more attack than spyx

Too bad I can only baryonx to level 14. How is baryonxy not a bleeder. I thought it had these huge thumb claws. It is apparently a chomper. Just shows how unrealistic some of these creatures are.

Excuse me?
Spinonyx has 1000 base damage. That’s strictly average.


Not the best. go spyx

You cant bleed gemini and maxima.

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He’s not horrible but he isn’t anywhere close to as strong as most uniques and other viable legendaries.
He’s kind of a jack of (most) trades but a master of none.
His damage is too low against immunes, and he is easily destroyed by anything faster

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I used spinonyx for maybe one week until i dropped it in favor of spinotahsuchus. but i think its decent against non immune tanks,other times it just gets bodied by everything else.

oh sorry, I meant health.

Got it, leveled it, and benched it (mostly). It’s great, but it’s a glass canon. And boosts really kill it. It’s a one-shot for all the 141 speed Thors you’ll see in Aviary and beyond.

EDIT: Oops, I’m sorry. For some reason I get my head stuck on Spyx and you were asking about Spinonyx (my bad). Must need more coffee.

In some ways Spinonyx is better than Spyx - has a nice kit and it can take more damage. The problem is the damage it puts out is only about 1/2 of Spyx and it is slower.

Ok thanks. I just saw all of its moves and thought it would be great for all of the indoms that I encounter.