Is SPOOFING the real problem?


First lets think about why people spoof. First reason is that they are lazy because drops and dinos spawn too far away. So they start using fly gps apps to open drops and shoot dinos. So great fix to this spoofing problem would be to bring green drops and dinos closer. For example nearest green drop for me is 12km away and epic or legendary dinos never spawn near me. These long distances make players want to use cheats. But if you live in city there is no problem.


Why do people think they have the right to play the game, let alone cheat? Find something else if this isn’t suitable.


I dont want people to cheat. Im just thinking a fast way to decrease the amount of cheaters. Because good anti cheat mechanism takes long time to make.


Banning people for spoofing is just going to endanger more people. I’m sure parents would be glad their kids are home safe. I know a lot of you hate spoofers and cheaters. A lot of people live in dangerous neighborhoods and I wouldn’t be surprised that soon after this happens, you’ll see “Child kidnapped while playing JWA” or “Teen robbed and brutalized playing AR mobile game”. I mean face it, it’s not like that didn’t happen before… (looking at you PoGo)
Maybe some people spoof due to living in dangerous areas because they don’t want to risk their safety. Maybe some people are paralyzed, and I think those with real reasons should be cut some slack.

All I was saying is that my thoughts are that they should rightfully ban anyone who cheats/spoofs in the game if they have no legitimate reason to. Why can Ludia authorize someone to spoof because he’s paralyzed but forbid every other person who is too or don’t want to risk their safety? That’s very unscrupulous of Ludia.

My family gets so relived to hear that I am safe. Where I am from, hear gunshots every day in Alaska. If I want to go out at night it must be with a trusted person who is armed for safety. I love going to extreme measures to play a game (sarcasm intended).


Why stop at allowing spoofing? We should all start lobbying for gun control.


I think some people can’t walk, because of some reason (private) so they can’t play this game, is it justice? or children want to play the game but their parent can’t use all day to take care of them in the parks. But they will happy when their child can play at home! (this my thinking because I’m a player at home).


They could build in a spoof that way they can track it and manage it themselves. It would reduce the amount of people looking for a 3rd party app to spoof, as it would be unnecessary. They can then manage how the game operates while using the in game “spoof”.


  1. Limit movement speed to a run. While allowing users to play from the safety of their home/disabled players, they would be restricted in how quickly they can “travel” in game.

  2. Limit range. Limiting range would mean players, again, can play from home, but would not be able to have the run of the city. Range limits can be adjustable by Ludia based on how far from concentrated areas the person lives. Essentially giving people access to X amount of drops. If one lives out in the boonies, their range would be larger so it would encompass X drops. If someone lives in an apartment downtown, their range would then be smaller. It would give people equal access to X drops.

Ultimately, building in mechanics like this would reduce the desire to cheat as it would be unnecessary, while at the same time increasing playerbase by making the game more accessable


Spoofing is not the problem cheats are. But many cheats will leave after the ban hammer. So some other game can deal with their character flaws.

There are areas the game developers can improve on. However most cheats are incurable. We need to concentrate on improving for legit players. Don’t let the cheat become the center of attention. Each wave of bans will wave goodbye to more trouble.


Spoofers be like “pls don’t ban me, i have a legitimate excuse for this”. Old news really. I play this game inside my house mostly and open my app every 30 mins or so to check if there’s any dino. I rarely go out and if i do, i catch every dinos whenever i get the chance to and never complained about why there are no supply drops or whatever. You know you can get supplies from free incubators or by arena anyways. This is how the game is designed to play, you have to get out and progress or you can choose to stay inside and progress too by spending real money and NOT BY SPOOFING. You know that SPOOFING isn’t a legal way to play right? Otherwise, why would they sell incubators in the store?


Ban those hackers too.


Cheating will happen regardless of what you do or implement. If people don’t need to go outside to catch a dinosaur, they will take that oppotunity every time.


it might sound cold, but it’s a GPS game. if you don’t have the ability to move around, why pick this as a game to play? there are plenty of other dino games you can play, ludia even makes another one, Jurassic World The Game.

also, aside from getting your 4 dinos to be able to fight, you don’t have to move if you win battle incubators. your progress will be slow, but you can still play.

if it was built into the game and everyone did it, then it would be fair, but then no one would buy incubators because you could just fly around all day getting as many epics as you had time for.


Spoofers is not the problem. Its the hackers that hack alot of coins and cash. This is why there are alot of high level dinosaur in the leaderboard. So banned those or reset those hackers account. While those spoofers give them chance or email so that they will and maybe they have reasons they spoof. Just a suggestion


I cant walk and not allowed to leave the house because of the danger in my city…


because I wanna play a JW game but their other one “give us money, the game” isn’t worth playing unless you have tons of disposable income (I mean tons or you will never progress very far in it)


Personally, I’ve never spent a dollar on this game. I spoofs because I can’t afford a data plan and I live too far away from largely populated areas, so I’m not going to get someone to drive me an the way to town just to get some dinos, and if I do go down to the city, I’m usually there to spend time with my family. Even though I spoof, I’m not ruining the game for others. The real problem is hackers who simply spawn in coins and dna. Spoofers actually have to spend time collecting them.


ppl dont care, they just look at you like your a filthy hacker that wants to ruin it for others


Enough of this " we don’t hurt others by spoofing". What’s the difference when you can just sit all day in your room and dart any dinos you come across and by those who hacked gold? As “Cleverboy” stated earlier, why play this game when you cannot go outside? You know people spend their time and resources going outside while you just enjoy darting in your room, not to mention moving anywhere you like which may be restricted to some legit players out there.


be honest. most of us probably go for a mile walk and back home and collect whatever we can. is that all you’d do with spoofing? no. you’d be in outer space before you stopped collecting epics


you wanna know why I play this game? because ludias other game is a trainwreck and not at all fun to play, I just want to play a JW game but I’m wheelchair bound, suffering excruciating pain and mental illness and the only thing I can do to enjoy myself is play this game…but because this game is stuck behind a discrimination wall I have no other way to play it