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Is Stegod and Tryo level 25 have place in my team?


Is Stegod and Tryo level 25 have place in my team?

Also should I level Utranex to 24 or wait? I got 3.7K Sino DNA so I assume I can if I want.

I would wait on rinex. Actually, I would stop leveling dinos until 1.6 happens.

Agreed. Thats what I was thinking too.

What about placing tryo or stegod in team? Or leave them out for now?

I can’t help you with that. I only have one unique, so don’t know.

Tryo no, stegod maybe, just so you have a second tank. Don’t ask me who you’d swap out. You have a very solid team, and it would depend on who you feel is your weak link in your play style.

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No, but your 23 Trago is better anyways.

Thanks guys, I did some battles today and with above team I did good (or might be today was lucky for me).

So I will see in few more days if I need a tank or not.

Stegod maybe if you level it up one or two levels more could be fine but tryos is not necessary for your deck

I can look into that but current fusing is painful :frowning:

And if I do this then whom to replace from my team?

I would definitely have to say keep tryo and level it to around 27+ that gal can survive two hits+ depending on the dino. Immunity is going to be your friend in this one. Stegodeus is still viable but there are many meat muncher counters like Thor, Tryko, etc… and I’m pretty sure they will release more DOT dinos in the future… making stegodeus even more vulnerable. Stegosaurs are rather a rare find now, and would take awhile to level up. Barries are everywhereeeeeeee. Utarinex is my squishy dino right now, I stopped leveling this dino and I’m not sure how well she would fare next update. Utarinex is still good atm, and I would just keep her on the team for now, until there is a confirmation on stat changes. Save the sinos for Thor.

Stopped fusing utarinex at L24 without having created thor. Took me 20 days, but now Thor is nearly L25. Definitely worth the sinos invested!! :smile:

Good suggestion, thanks.