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Is Stygimoloch useful?


I was thinking about replacing Dimorphodon with it. Or Ornithomimus or Concavenator.


Maybe it doesn’t look like but yes I even put it tol my team deck, i was surprised the damage he doing at lvl 11


I mean the Stygimoloch that’s an Epic. Epics are at level 11 when created.


We speak about the same one but i didnt remember historia lvl

it’s usuful on pvp battles


Mmm… how does it work? I haven’t figured out how to use it.


1turn y dont have option but to Use shield attck than You can use stun 75 % od im note mistake or hit and run if using dino in Your team whith swap abbility


Why what to replace?


Well i mean swap abbility like instant invincibility, or swap in slow.
If you check base stats of stygimoloch You will see that his speed stat is like pyro. Biger carnivals are not so fast


I mean so I replace dimorphodon concavenator, or ornitho


IT is automatic swap . He swap places whith one of your fighting dinos


His speed give chance to come back


What I meant was to replace which with Stygimoloch in my team.


You have to decide…choose the weakest of yours


I replaced echo whith stygimoloch