Is suchatator worth developing into the late teens?


Here is is currently:

Here is my current team:


No, come 15 he never cleans his room.


I think so, mine is lvl 18 and he handles raptors and tyranosaurs with ease


Yeah. I love to use ot against Stegoceratops and it sometimes does well against some low lvls Indominus. It is good overall, unless when facing with dinos that have superiority strike. It is great against Nodopatosaurus. And the Instant Cripple with 1 turn cooldown helps a lot. In resume, it does slow, cleanses, removes buffs/shields, does bleed and debuffs damage. Oh, and also have an average health pool and 20% crit chance.


i’d stop at 15. it might make a super hybrid later. but there are too many dinos with superiority strike now, that it can’t really do anything to. i wouldn’t use it in arena 8 either. haven’t been in 7 in a while, maybe not even there.


Ya, 15 is a good level to stop, but i’m taking mine to 16 just to round the edges. There was some situations that I did not take the other one down for a little bit.


I’m on the verge of taking mine to level 22. I use it on team regularly. It can take a lot of hits and if you use it correctly it works great. Damage overtime is good and the remove positive effects is good too… works on Trag, Irex, Indom, etc…


Thanks for the hint. I’ll see how much it improves and if it does well, I’ll keep boosting it.


I’ve never been particularly been threatened by a high teens Suchitator, after the first one anyway. I would suggest if you do use that thing, mix up its Crippling Shout or whatever it’s called. After my first encounter I find that most folks use the cripple every other turn so I can anticipate when to not burn one of my strong attacks. So mix up your cripple and you might do alright.


Instant Cripple lol, that’s the one.


Not a great Dino. The dinos it’s most useful against are the least useful.


I have mine at 17 and ready to go to lev 18 as soon as I have enough coins, She helps me a lot when facing some kind of dinos, just use her wisely and don’t spam her as first dino cause for me she is a kind of specialist / survivor, not an Alpha as metahub is saying. But she will have a place on my battle team now that I am waiting dna for other legendary hybrids.


Yes, Suchotator is not alpha tier IMO.
I think its an overestimation, based on it so much buffed in ver.1.3.

Suchotator is still not very threatening, all moves got a minor debuff, but couldn’t generate deadly damage.
Also ,those debuff are easily been removed if your opponent got superiority strike.

I’ve powered up mine until lv21 after ver.1.3, but abandoned after no more than a week.
If you haven’t enter arena 8 before tournament, Suchotator might be useful. No longer suitable if you want to climb higher.