Is Suchotator the strongest wounder?

I’m just wondering, is there any non-unique dinosaur whose primary strength is wounding that is better than Suchotator? Because I’ve had one on my team for ages now, and I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that Suchotator is the game’s equivalent of Angemon. That is, it’s only a rare, but can easily go toe-to-toe with epics and even legendaries (I even beat Indoraptor with it), but is there anything better that serves the same role? This is my current team.

Spinotasuchus has two bleeding attacks, one being sneaky as it swaps to another dino after causing the bleed.

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Yeah, but it’s more specialized than Suchotator though. The good thing about Suchotator is it’s very diverse moveset, with a cleanser, wound, effect nullifier, and damage crippler.


That’s why mine is L25. I like it for the more versatile moves.

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i haven’t used it enough to know. but spamming bleeding and swapping with swoop seems kinda glitchy if you have spinotasuchus and a bunch of high HP dinos on your team. something i’d want to test when SS gets nerfed.

Suchomimus has Swap in Wound (0.25x for 2 turns) and Gashing Wound (0.3x for 2 turns). Plus wounding stacks so it’ll be swap in turn 0.25x, next turn with gashing wound 0.55x and final turn 0.3x. Provided they don’t swap out that’s a lot of damage.

Plus Suchomimus is a common daytime spawn in L4.

Spinotasuchus and suchotator are great, one it’s more versatil than the other and more reacheable (suchotator). Personally i love spinotasuchus has a big chance to do a great damage with the crit and the wounds are great. I don’t use suchotator because i allready have a nullifiers in the team but in a biginning i had consider to lvl up as possible i can but with the change of spawn zone of spinosaurus y decided to creat spinotasuchus.

Allways it’s necessary to take a look on what do you have and what is more reacheable

Spino is definitely more specialized.
Sucho is a great allrounder can do a bit of everything.
I imagine spino will become alot better with its bleeds once ss is changed as its biggest drawback was its speed

Suchotator is better on versatility and accessibility, but does poorly against immune dinos.
Spinotasuchus is better on damage and can beat immune dinos like magna, posti and tryo.

Well, if nothing else, I definitely think that Suchotator is one of if not the most powerful ‘rare’ creatures in the game.

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But that’s the worst rare creature before ver.1.3.:thinking:

Don’t even remember how Suchotator been at that time.

My anklycodon has never lost a match to a suchatator. But it has a pretty good track record against indom.

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