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Is suchotator worth it?

I’m on my way to suchotator, But is it worth the time, DNA, and coins?

Is it good?
Is it terrible?
Is it normal?


Raids: Depends but mostly ok
Campaign: Needed
PvP: Luck based

For pvp I’d say its good, its kit can help a lot in different situations, but can sometimes be shut down easily


100% WORTH IT. In some situations I find it more useful than thyla. I feel like if you ran a team with thyla AND suchotator that would get you REALLY far.

It is extremely good for a Rare hybrid. Definitely worth it.

It’s worth it. First, investing in it gives u a better shot at indominus, through raids. It’s really useful, lethal wound, distraction, nullification, and the ability to decelerate. Like @anon51255519 said thyla and sucho will get u far, it really will

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It’s ok. It a HUGE investment because you have to spend tons and tons and tons of coin to get it to a viable lvl. I would say no. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice.

Suchotator is the best rare hybrid and it’s very useful I’ve carried people through unique and legendary raids with a suchotator if you are trying to make it viable in shores that’s not happening but it’s an amazing super good dino in the early mid game and will save you so much in epic strikes

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