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Is swap order based on creature speed? Or the first to choose to swap?

Does anyone know how priority in swap order works? Because swapping happens before any other game action - is it like when players have creatures that are tied in speed so the first person to choose a move gets priority? Or does it matter who has the faster creature?

I was up against a Spinosaurus which has swap prevention (I was playing a Tuojiangosaurus). I waited until 1 second was left on the clock and swapped out my creature. Keep in mind, I had already slowed down the Spinosaurus, which means my creature was faster.

The Spinosaurus prevented my swap, THEN swapped out! So unless the player somehow managed to press swap after I did (within half a second of zero, so unlikely) then they chose to swap their creature before I did.

Therefore, I am concluding that the speed of the creatures is what dictates who swaps out first.


So I think this is what happened, prob wrong, but here I go
Swapping out is sort of a priority, goes before your oponents move
You were faster than spino, spino may have already chosen to swap out before you waited til the last second, so that’s why he also swapped out. So when you tried to escape, of spino swap prevented you because that things just triggered when any dino tries to leave. And since tuo has no swap prevention immunity it was swap prevented, so a turn is wasted. So then after swap preventing u, the spino that was slower than you and prob chose to swap out b4 you did swap out.
If you didn’t choose to swap out and chose an attack, and spino chose swap out, spino would have his turn go first relentless of who’s faster, leave the match and swap to another dino, and assuming its just a plain dino with no swap in, you would have used ur attack that was for spino on the swaped in creature and the swap in creature would have to take the hit without being able to use an attack back, unless it has a counter
Hope this sorta helps, tried my best

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I understand what you’re saying - I think that is what happened as well.

I just think it proves (no matter whether there is swap prevention or not) that the speed of the dinosaur is what impacts the priority in swap order.

An interesting example would be if I was actually slower than the Spino, would it have prevented me from swapping out, then swapped?

If u were slower, he would have swapped out to his creature first and then u would have swapped

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The faster creature swaps first, but that little trick of setting up spino to get decel into a swap is pretty busted, but one of my faves

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No, because Spino would have already swapped out by the time Tuojiang started to.

Ive always wondered this too cause it happens all the time in tourneys. We both try and swap but opponent swaps in 1st and its something with no escape which prevents me from swapping. So who shoulda swapped out 1st? The faster dino? Or who picked it 1st?

Faster creature swaps out first. If you’re faster and the opponent has No Escape, and you both swap, you’ll swap before they do, trigger No Escape, then they’ll swap. If you were slower they would have been gone before No Escape could do anything.

If the opponent is faster and you both swap, and they swap to a No Escape dino, No Escape will trigger. If you were faster and they swap to a No Escape dino, nothing will happen since you’re gone before No Escape can do anything.