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Is Swap Prevention Resistance FAR Too Common?

Surely I can’t be the only one that feels as though creatures with lockdown resistance / immunity have become far too commonplace?

Once you get to a certain level, using Lockdown as a means of fending off the increasingly oppressive swap in meta becomes basically unusable.

In my opinion, far too many creatures have random swap prevention resistance.


Cera, DroacRat and GrinchRat don’t really need it, I’ll admit. Maybe the Towers too could do without it,

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And mammolania so this thing couldnt just run away when grypo try to kill it

I think it’s on too many resilients, since it helps them beat some of the bleeders that rely on lockdown. But high damage chompers really shouldn’t have it either, since it enables “chomp and swap” strategies. Really it should mostly be found on cunnings.


Cunnings in general seem like the creatures that should be based around swapping and such. On-Escape things as well (I’d be partial to a cunning snake family).


Hp towers definitely don’t need it, only low hp creatures and bleeders should have swap immunity.


Maybe not on escape, but auto-swap moves (besides swoop) and swap prevention resistance seem to usually be cunning traits.

Apart from the resilients already mentioned, Haast Maximus has a fancy No Escape move which is ineffective against chompers. Too early to judge its effectiveness but it is odd that its gimmick is useless against the things it’s meant to beat.

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think that in recent updates, resistances/immunities have become too common full stop. It seems like every new dino has loads of them, and it only serves to further decrease the use of dinos that utilize those moves.

But as for swap prevention specifically? 100% agree.


Well all the new dinos do so many things with their abilities, it’s no wonder you have to have a million resistances to stand up to them. Too bad having too many effects and too many resistances are usually found on the same dinos…


every time I bleed something with Stygidaryx or Spinonyx the other player swap to a monolorhino or Cera or draco or blah blah blah
basically the No Escape passive ability is useless bc almost every meta dino has the swap inmunity, it makes bleeders even more useless

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This is a fact and a half.

Bleeders don’t need less relevance than they have already.

No Escape is good on the off chance that it triggers, but that’s reliant on two things:

  • Your opponent doesn’t have swap prevention resistance/immunity
  • Your opponent has a single brain cell.