Is Tarbosaurus worth buying?

Is Tarbosaurus worth buying or should who should I wait for to purchase?

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Tarbo = Pterodactylus = Concave
The only difference is they look different, which, is a waste of 30k lps.

Unless you’re a collective player who wants one of every creature I’d stay away from tarbo and most 35k VIPs.


Are there any that come that are worth spending the money on?


It depends on how you play the game. Collector or looking what is just necessary ?

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If you’re more on the collector side, go for Tarbo and every 35k creature, if you’re more on the “competitive” side, just buy the 10k creatures. Most VIP share the same ferocity and stats with each other so it’s better to buy the cheapest ones.

VIPs are good and all but concavenater is only 10000 and it has the same stats