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Is test of might broken?

I know it is a test of might but WTH lol. This is not a test its a waste of time lmao!

That’s normal for first day of reset. Your “virtual trophies” for test of might are your highest earned trophy count. Whereas your opponent is probably not doing the test of might and so is using his normal trophy count (which just got dropped 1000-1500 on the reset.

Appreciate it Chuck. I was not aware of that TY

I’m sure it is reassuring to know that it is deliberately this awful

You don’t know the half of it. As a player with a max trophy count around 5k, I almost never see real players in a test of might. Bizarrely, the bots in tests of might have a lower level cap than the bots in the regular arena. Which means the fights are insanely easy. With these “choose your own party” events, not only will I not get lose any fights while completing them, I may only lose 2-3 characters across the 10 fights. It’s completely the opposite of the experience for players with lower trophies. And it’s really not fair.

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Wow if only sitting through 50 fights was worth a random legendary, you’d really be on to something

Well after 40+ attempts to finish the first tier and EVERY player i faced was 12-14k its just a complete waste of time.

That sounds awesome. Can’t wait until I only have to play weak bots. It would make PvP fun instead of the tedious time waste it is now