Is that possible?


I got 2 players on my friend list who i does not know in real but they are online more than 10 hrs daily. They are always green whenever i play the game is that possible ?


why not. i mostly keep the game open next to me as i work in case of any spawns i want to catch


day and night ? this is kinda different i know i have big time difference with them this situation is not random anyways i just wanted to ask im not trying to point anyting. ok, its not my business i guess:smile:


remember there are time zones so you can feel like it is the midle of the night while its actually brunch time for me


nope bro its just the opposite :slight_smile: i know whats the time there by my time zone


idk about that mate


I’m also on most of my workday… Just in case…:grin:


Just wondering about one thing.
If you know they are playing 24/7, doesn’t it mean that you’re also playing 24/7? Meaning that it is possible.
Otherwise, maybe, the time when you were off line is the same as your friends.
Just my opinion…

By the way, if I’m awake at 4 am and see some Epic spawns nearby, I’ll get off my bed, went out of my house to dart that dino… :sweat_smile:


just an opinion?
and a damn good one of that


well good one and you are right but im working at the airport and i dont have a chance to keep my phone on all the time. I can barely get online like every 2-3 hours and they are online, im going home and still they are online you know what they are stilll online when i go to bed and wake up :thinking: I espically check 2 of these guys lately thats why im asking mate, i just want to know if theres a way to keep this game open all the time like this