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Is the +/- 200 trophies matching algorithm gone?

I was matched against a team with many more trophies than me (see screenshots). What made me wonder was that the player had lvl25 uniques and I am still on epic and legendaries. And true enough he had over 500 more trophies than me (as well as much better team).


Since you’re near the 4k line and the trophy display is bugged by showing you only the opponent’s high score, it might be that it matched you two because of close real score (opponent might have dropped to 4000-4200 range.)

My highest amount of trophies: 54xx

Currently i am at 52xx.
And i don’t care about the trophies of my opponents, because battles are close most of the time.
After escaping from high aviary maelstrom everything is fine … well … almost.