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Is the 25$ dollar Ptera deal worth the price?


Is it worth the contents?


you can get it for free on saturday :wink:
the pteradon. not the incubator.


@Hersh … you wouldn’t know about that would you :thinking:


I know but that’s a bonus :wink:


t-rex incubator was $50. so it is really 50% off. it depends on whether or not you want the pterandon. so in game terms, yes the content is worth it.


Of course it is not!


if it was alanqa, you could justify it for the hybrid, but pteradon doesn’t make a hybrid and isn’t really usable. so i’d pass. but if you are going to spend money on the game, you will get the most “value” from this. as opposed to a regular epic incubator.


If you go for two incubators you will get enough dna to level the new flying reptile to level 15 (unfortunately I’m not really all that impressed with it:rofl:). I would say wait till this weekend is done before you make a decision. I’m not really impressed with it.


Agreed if it was alanqa i would be tempted, i have have 10k anky ready for the hybrid.


Well it does expire in 9 days so I’ll wait :slight_smile:


I made the mistake of getting the incubators in hopes that I would get “lucky” and get some Alanqa from it. I really should have known better by now :rofl:


If it was guaranteed alanqqa i’d buy it.


Level 15 stats, nothing to shout about but at higher levels might be worth it :thinking: awesome graphics though :joy: I’m fighting it just for fun at the mo!


Not worth it


Oh man those stats suck! More like attack of the free kills in arena


So… i bought the $25 incubator, here are my thoughts. Take them, leave them :man_shrugging:t4:

I’ve Never bought a solo incubator before but I have bought:

  • Promo deals on coins and cash (the rare 50% off ones)
  • occasional “1 time only” bundles when you level up

I am obviously not free to play (see above), but I don’t line spending money on this mostly b/c I like running around hunting and want this game to remain engaging/interesting for me for a long time to come (call it my reasoning for not wanting to race to the top, especially both by paying my way up… if it works for you, great :+1:t4: To each their own)

Why I bought:

  • I have a strong feeling that the SIA is going to be crucial to a competitive team. We’re likely going to see flyers hopping in mid-fight and changing the whole dynamic of the way we battle. This is going to be real frustrating for the offense real quick … to the point that they’ll end up putting a pterosaur on their team just to keep up (if they haven’t already)

  • the two new epics (“Alan”™️ And pteranodon) seem like a better investment than the new rare flyers (goes without sayin)”

The obvious:

  • of the 2 new epics, “Alan”™️ Is the better choice for most due to Its potential for form a hybrid with ankylosaur
  • “Alan” ™️ Has SIA invincibility… which is going to be a massive pain in the A$$ for the offense if their attack isn’t defense shattering or nullifying
    -“Alan”™️ Has superiority and also rampage

So why did I get the incubator anyway knowing full well it has pteranodon and not “Alan”??

Quite simply

  • ankylosaurs are extremely rare around me and I’ve already invested heavily in working towards a tryko to the point that it’ll be a long while before I can get an “Alan”™️ Jr. and if I pursue both, I’ll likely get neither

-$25 gets to a LOT of pteranodon!
(If we’ve learned anything since 1.3, it’s that this game is constantly evolving and in time, there SHOULD be a place for most epics (hopefully all) somewhere I’m the hybrid tree. I’m certain that being only one of 2 new epics release, pteranodon will find it’s partner for an Baller hybrid in updates to come (it would make sense by Ludia wouldn’t want to release everything at once so to keep the fun and adventure going).

  • also in the bundle you get another Epic incubator!! (In addition to the hundreds of pteranodon) I got a T. rex and baryonyx (woohoo!!) along with a few rare Dinos that actually are ingredients of my current line up (double woohoo!!)

  • finally: cuz I wanted to, lol. I’ve been playing since launch and this has been an absolute blast! Getting outside, meeting people on the forum, etc… it’s been a great experience and I’d like to keep it going. The bigger “investment” was the bike I just got so I can be even more active than I already am and still stay involved/competitor/“accomplishes??”
    Is this incubator right for you??

  • I don’t know

Haha… good vibes :v:t4: Hope this helps :blush:


I got it to save my attempts for the alanq, and it was half the price of a epic incubator.


If you live near a park i would definitely hold off on buying it if it is just for collection purposes. Looks to be a park spawn so make sure to check every pteranodon incase you get one not included in the upcoming event


I bought one, here are my thoughts …

(So I posted an answer to this earlier but I guess it was too long so it was hidden or whatever …)

I’ve never bought a solo incubator before BUT
I have occasionally bought those “1 time only” bundles when you level up and also bought coins/cash when they have 50% off deals.
Obviously not free to play, but I’m not gunna drop a ton of cash either …

Why I got the $25 incubator:

I have too much ankylosaur invested into (eventually) building a trykosaur (not close by any means, but not far away enough to let the project go to waste either). anky is extremely rare by me also… it’s gunna be one or the other (tryko or Alan Jr) and I’d much rather have a unique than a hybrid. You can decide which one you like better …

Also, pteranodon being one of only 2 pterosaur epics in the game will likely get its own hybrid down the road (nudge nudge, wink wink Ludia) and that would be more feasible for me.

For $25 you get 500 pteranodon AND an epic incubator (I got T. rex and baryonyx along with a couple rare Dinos I used as ingredient also … the commons were hit or miss, and don’t for get the cash $11k + … granted this isn’t much at my level (14) … our daily allotment is more than this but whatever.

Again… I’ve never bought a solo incubator before, the price was right for me and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Alan is obvi better than pteranodon, but I won’t be able to hybrid Alan due to my needs for anky elsewhere … and in the mean I’ll time work to stock up on both but probably use a pteranodon for a hybrid when/if it comes out because the way SIA is looking … we’re gunna need at least one pterosaur on be team to stay competitive/not go crazy when the opponent has one.

Just my thoughts… you guys are obviously welcome to yours and do what works for you


The recipe for the alanqa hybrid is the common anky not the epic one, so i think you can do tryko and this one😁