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Is the AI Too Powerful?

The other day I got clobbered in an AI battle. Everything was very boosted (mine are minimal) and it destroyed me 3:1. Has anyone else noticed this? This has happened numerous times now. Not sure if I am just incredibly unlucky or it’s the new thing.

The AI is boosted T2/3. Not that big of a deal.

Guess it just matters when you’re boosted less. :slight_smile:

Lol it matters when your team is unboosted though


It matters when you get bad draw and have unboosted team. Got destroyed once by Carnotarkus and Dsungaia, cause I didn’t have any chompers to one shot them.

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Maybe they need to change it so unboosted teams face only unboosted AI? i mean you dont get trophies from fighting AI anyway so.

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I like the way It is now

I’ve noticed AI releases dinos in packs: according to the arenas and your level, these packs may vary, but after a few battles you’ll recognize the patterns. Also, said dinos have a minimal intelligence, so they tend to repeat their moves (for example, Monostego starts with thangomizer, then trench)

Also, all these dinos are vulnerable to attacks “weakening” the enemy: depending on your level and what you have available, always start with dinos having such abilities.

Hope this helps

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They give a good thrashing. Just a smidgen overpowered and very vexing

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The F.A.I. is worse than the Rat users. I’m getting matched against higher levels that are just BR’ing me. Two AI battles, the first one I managed to get 1 kill and the second one I gave up on when it was obvious after 2 kills that I had zero chance.

I don’t mind a smarter AI, but at least make the matches fair.

I have almost lost to AI multiple times while using my “real” team. They have way more boosts than the average player with the same level of dinosaurs. Often I underestimate its intelligence. It can (situationally) play complex dinos like Dio perfectly.

I feel like the rng is in the AI’s favor a lot. They hit through cloak, stuns don’t land, 5% crits everywhere


Yeah just lost two more matches to AI today - cannot remember the last match I won against AI honestly. I have a much better chance with actual players.