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Is the “Alliance mission” going to be an on going event week in week out?


Pls don’t, it will be boring within a month…players will simply give up i think…


I’d be okay with it to go on every week. As long as they change the DNA rewards.


I just feel players will not take that as challenge anymore…and sit with what’s can be taken.
Even leaders will eventually give up…
When “challenge” becomes a routine…it will die off…


It’s not about the challenge, it’s abouy free cash coins and dna. I enjoy getting 400-500 extra epic dna with potential for good rare and common dna. Extra coins and cash is also appreciated. Alliance missions are an amazing addition, but you know you don’t have to complete the missions, it’s bonus just for playing.


Exactly. I’ll keep pushing if they keep giving

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Fully agree to get those extra coins or dna, without much effort almost all players can take rank 2-3…
Then what’s the meaning for “alliance mission”?
Might as well throw another 5 strike towers for all to collect themselves…
You will not see players get excited to get into alliance for request and donate if this continue.
Players will just play their own game, get whatever the alliance can achieve…
I just hope is not continuing every week.


I disagree. My opinion. I like the fact that these events help you to get the harder to accumulate Dino’s faster rather than spending countless hours grinding day after day to get enough for one fuse. I realize the need for a challenge, but also need time to other things in life.

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Beats me why people need to complain about everything this game has to offer… Even the good aspects…


It’s a good addition providing the dinosaurs change every few weeks.


the idea is that they will change the reward. Sometimes you’ll get good epics and sometimes less good. But also idk if u realize how much cash and coins your getting from the challenges. If u saw the total at the end of the week u may change ur mind. Also if ur guild is gona get bored of this after a month find a new guild.

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Im not even sure i can even get the ops point… these tasks are literally playing the game naturally. If your getting bored its not the alliance missions that are boring you its the base gameplay. And if thats the case its time for a break.

We have literally been doing these same tasks on a daily basis since 1.5 came out with daily missions. And before that we did them for no reward other then just playing the game. But now that were recieving extra coins, dna, and hard cash its suddenly going to be boring… thats an intresting take.