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Is the Anvil of Dumathoin

…the worst designed boss-fight of all time, or what? Seriously, everything about this fight is terrible because it all comes down solely to luck, and even then, it will focus fire to kill a particular PC with Flaming Strike despite surviving the initial 2-3 massive damage hits from it. There’s often quite literally nothing you can do other than throw up your arms and cry: “Whoever designed this encounter should be fired!”


Or, you could just concede that your characters aren’t a high-enough level. I just recently finished the 3rd iteration of the challenge there, a few pointers, if you like:

  1. Have your most effective healer in the party (probably cleric, if you have both cleric and bard at a high level bring both)
  2. Set up the regeneration as close to moving to the boss room as possible, ideally you set it up and your next character kills the last monster.
  3. It’s OK to skip turn if your only option of moving is to line up charcaters, because that’ll make the only actual devastating attack trigger.
  4. At the point you bring him to half health, he’s going to breath acid, you can use that to position your characters for next round (it’s basically a free round of being able to line up the characters)

Hope that helps. He’s actually probably the most challenging Boss, since Frostsilver has a very simple trick to it and the Dragon has a pattern that actually makes you able to kill him without taking any damage (just takes a while)


I have Harvestshield (all three levels) on farm and just did 11,113 points of damage in one turn on the second tier Argathukul and am in the seventh level arena without losing more than two in a row since my characters were 10th-level.

So no, it’s not the characters.

And your ‘pointers’ are all obvious and pointless. When I have a character that can survive two Flame Strikes in a row but then dies to the poison breath because the Anvil is specifically targeting him, it’s not the player, it’s crappily designed game.

The Dragon in Harvestshield is infinitely easier once you get the pattern, since it actually has one and I don’t believe the anvil does, the only thing hard about Harvestshield is actually getting to the 3rd iteration of the Dragon, once you’re there you practically already got the 3rd die.

Well, they might be pointless, but that’s how I got to beat him, guess they weren’t that pointless to me, maybe they won’t be to someone else reading this post either.
Guess that’ll teach me to offer help to rant posts.


Nothing you’ve said has been helpful, only self-congratulatory and condescending.

Nothing in your posts addressed the topic. It was all, “but I can do it!” BS. If I could put you on ignore, I would.

I agree about this boss. It was so frustrating, irritating and stupid that I still hate this dungeon and refuse to do it, even now that I am finally strong enough to survive it for all three dice every time. I only do this dungeon when it is free and has a bonus reward, otherwise I avoid it like the plague.

There is no strategy that can really help with this random boss. The only thing that works is avoiding him until you have 4 characters that are insanely buff. You know it is bad when all of the dungeons higher than it are actually easier.

I farm either Frostsilver or Heartcoil, depending on my mood.

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I’m glad that Gil tried to offer some insight in to his strategy to help overcome this boss. Thanks dude.

And yes Joel. You are also right, but, why take it out on someone who is just trying to help. I didnt find his tone inflammatory. Sorry that you did.

This boss is the toughest by far. I cant beat the second iteration of him, only if I get lucky. And that basically is, hoping that their algorithm doesnt repeatedly drop rocks on my characters who are standing all over the place.

I dont mind challenging bosses but, this one is tough!


Based on how you have expressed yourself, I can only assume that you are either a teenager who has trouble controlling your own impulses and have a poorly developed ability to sympathize, or an adult with improper socialization such that you take any disagreement or perceived disagreement as a personal attack. I am sorry that society has allowed individuals such as yourself to proliferate.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to not feel constantly attacked and lash out in the near future. In the mean time, kindly take the time to think about how your words might make other people feel, whether it’s the developers of this game or another poster. Criticism can often be valid if it is constructive and can lead to improvements for everyone.

With that being said, here’s a couple of things to note for the Forge of Dumathoin fight:

  • Offense is more important than defense. The boss hits so hard that even the best tanks like Tommus get one shot by the column attack. So I drop Tommus for damage dealers like the Rogue, Noamlen.
  • The boss will always execute the acid breath as the action after he gets reduced to half health (which is not obvious), which allows you to move two characters in the same column and not get column attacked.

Presumptions of obviousness should not be made. These forums are for the general audience of the game and not to the poster being replied to specifically. That which does not help you very likely helps others and should be appreciated as such. This can be objectively determined by the likes count. As can be seen from the “likes”, Gil’s post is much more appreciated than yours.


It’s less that this boss is tough and more that the dragon is horribly flawed. The dragon hits harder so is rated higher but is easily outwitted. Perhaps the real problem is that the dragon needs to be less predicable?

Yeah it is screwy. The sword needs a lower recharge time, or it needs to be less aggressive in using the sword if two characters are in the same column. There’s no reason a level discrepancy should be such an issue for this one enemy when it isn’t elsewhere.

I hate playing the dragon because the fight is so freaking tedious and boring. I can see though that it would unbalance the game if the dragon wasn’t predictable. I’d like to see it get some spell slots and use spells that might target characters individually.

I don’t usually do likes, but I left the OP one. His thoughts were much more useful than Gil’s high handed tone.

You’re entitled to your own opinion and I respect your opinion, even if I disagree with it.

The damage for lining up isn’t that bas when it land. The issue is the ongoing damage for when your turn start on it. And if I’m not mistaken in dnd game usually those persistent damage happen if you are under the effect at the end of your turn not the beginning. Being force to move from the fire so we can survive would already be a better design.

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Anvil is my favorite challenge by far, simply due to the fact that the boss fight is totally unpredictable. All the other challenge bosses (don’t know about heartcoil) have a pattern . Anvil is the only one that you never know with , thus making it the least boring challenge in my eyes. Plus it’s beatable with various team combos, which albeit the others are too.

Heartcoil does have a pattern, but its attacks mess with your heroes enough that it’s kind of hard to take advantage of. I haven’t noticed any pattern for Anvil, but it’s definitely not my favorite boss because of the fire (it does so much damage…)

Legit didn’t know about the 50% health triggering acid breath thing. I just thought it was randomly something it does when it can hit 2 characters.
Thanks Gil!


You’re quite welcome.

It’s far, far easier than the following boss, I can get to the 3rd iteration every time and only sometime beat it. If you get to the dragon, no matter which iteration - you beat the dragon, even if you only have 1 character. Haven’t met the Hearthcoil one yet, so I can only rely on other people also saying it;s easier as well.

There are some spells that deal damage at the start and some at the end in actual D&D, but yet, I agree that giving you the chance to move away would be better design.

You’re quite welcome. Only realized it after @retsamerol mentioned it, though, so I wouldn’t want to take recognition away from him.