Is the arena just a ”slaughterfest” - Are the good battles gone?

Last updated of the game have made the game faster and with lesser moves and higher attacks.

Sonen abilities never find the arena, as 150+ other dinos.

With boosts, we now have a arena where battles is 3-0 or 0-3.

Are the good battles gone?

Have the arena become to much of a ”slaughterfest” ?


Nope. Shortly after the update I found a sweet spot where I was having fun battles. Then I started winning and gaining trophies… then I hit the sour patch where I get crappy matchmaking and thors on more steroids than the WWE.

It’s there, but it’s hard to maintain. I’ll be dropping on purpose again. Shame really, I was getting close to, and wanted to see the gyrosphere depot.


It appears to me that trophies have become a stronger matchup factor than before when some teams 5 levels lower than another could be around the same trophies but not fight them. I wonder if it’s like that all through the arena though. I guess we will know better as teams shake out closer to their actual strength level.


since 1.7 i wonder if makes sense a battle system where 1 move finish opponent’s fighter.

what fight or like games in videogame history, opponent is smashed in 1 move and some matches are finished in 3 shots?

these creatures have 3, 4, 5 even 6 abilities but we use 1 or 2. hahahaha.

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I did notice that in past posts of people complaining about match making, Thor, and Dracocera, when they post teams what they post is completely unbalanced.

For the purpose of this post Tryko is a Chomper since it only uses Distract or Instant Invinc to get in an extra Defense Shatter. Dracoceratops is also -Was- very specialized one-shot Chomp with Defense Shattering Rampage.

Nearly every pic shown a team that was All Chomp and Stun. They had Zero bleeders or Tanks.

If their team is completely unbalanced they are supposed to have trouble fighting.

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I think they are trying to make fights more fair.
For one the dodge change making it so dinosaurs cant be invincible for tons of turns in a row, and the crit change was to try and prevent dinosaurs from one shotting each other.

Its all a work in progress!

That is so true about the balance team!

I was struggling a lot until an old alliance friend told me I needed to be more balanced and have more speed, as I had too many slow dinosaurs!
Made some changes and matches were much better!

Basically have a few matches and take note of what you struggle against, even record the matches and watch them to examine it like I did.
I found that I was struggling against Utahsino because its distracting me and then IC stun, so I added some immune dinosaurs that cant be stunned or distracted.
Found I was having trouble against dodgers so I added a bunch of nullify dinosaurs!


Nope, I have 3-0 or 0-3 battle one time in 50 fights. And over 50 % of my matches finish by 2-3 or 3-2.

Matches for me have improved since 1.8, i’m one happy dino!

Just drop down to marshes. So far I’m not facing any nightmare duels. Arena is pretty cool here. More or less lose and win the same rate and facing same level people.

To me the Arena has always been a “slaughterfest” but it is the competitive element of the game so I understand that. Saying that though, the Arena hasn’t been really enjoyable to me for a long long time because everyone has to play highly competitive builds if they want to climb anywhere (obviously).

I’ve sworn off non-canon hybrids now so I have dropped from the Sorna Marshes/Jurassic Ruins border all the way down to the middle of Lockdown because it’s 90% hybrids needed to play the Arena. I will reach that spot where I can plateau out and have fun battles so it’s fine.

You will find though that teams are for the most part the same hybrids all the way through and if you aren’t doing likewise the games are going to go closer to 3-0/0-3. It’s a shame really.

They have for me after your Tryko pretty much took my whole team out !!!

I’m thinking trophies have been given more weight… Or I’m having a really REALLY good day.
I’m waiting for an official announcement, but I have a hunch I will finally pull the trigger and start leveling my dinos again.


I think you are right.

Trophies have been given more wieght… ive lost about 300-400 trophies since patch hit… i knew i was higher then i should be so as some work they way past im expecting to climb back up some eventually.


Yeah it will even out as folks get to closer to where they should be but I think it will still be kind of grueling for a few days while that happens.

Don’t worry the stronger teams generally pass pretty fast and then you get even opponents.

I mean it couldn’t be worse than it was lol

That’s the good thing about something being unbearable…things can only get better.


The matchmaking system hasn’t changed. But the game has suffered a major player drop out due to the release of the Harry Potter game. Without a lot of players online the current matchmaking system is by default broken.

Apparently a 16 week high is a major player drop.

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