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Is the bar set too high to obtain awards for Guild Battle Raid Events achievable?

I would like to ask Ludia and other players of the game if there is general consensus of wether or not the bar is set too high for Guild Battle Raid Events.

I am a guild leader for “Soldiers of the Dawn” and I am a Level 17 having led the guild to yield awards for Guild Battle Raid events. Some guilds may have fifty Level 20’s in their guild that perhaps have great success working together towards achieving the milestones set to get the grand prize. I have beaten the bosses multiple times and only earned a couple percentage points despite being a “veteran” of the game. My intent is to not make the game too exploitable to get amazing gear that guilds do not put in the hard work towards, but rather look at the current price of progress to determine if the average guild is having success and enjoying the current structure to have have fun achieving something together that would not be able to achieve on their own.

My recommendation is to either lower the amount of bosses you have to beat to advance for the overall prizes or maybe offer awards for the amount of guild members actually participating in the events.

Ludia has done an amazing job and continues to excel at actively listen to feedback and incorporate changes based on user feedback. Hopefully this message does not come off as a player that is just whining and trying to have prizes handed to them rather if the community seems to agree, perhaps changes are made to make the prizes more realistically obtainable for the guilds that do not only have players are not all at endgame grinders.

I look forward to hearing community weigh in and Ludia’s response.


Ludia dont care. Their solution is to spend money to level your toons so you can participate

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I’d like to think your wrong, they have put forth lots of changes community requested such as allowing your toons to skip turns, balancing overpowered builds with characters such as Dragonborn Ranger in his heyday with Bow. When this game first came out it didn’t even have guilds and by popular demand we at least have that option.

I just tried The Guild Raid Challenge again, I cleared 4 rooms using the recommended Ludia advice of 3 range and one tank. I didn’t even advance my guilds percent by even 1%.

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Yes, its boring and impossible thus not fun! I’ve played 15 matches and the guild I’m in we are still only at 3%

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I did the math last time… 20 bosses is 1%.100 bosses needed for most rewards (5%, 10%, 15% etc)


They’re stupid and nobody in my guild will do them anymore because it’s an incredible amount of time investment to see the entire guild only get to two or 3 rewards and not even reach 50%.

Too add insult to injury, much of the time and the rewards are chests and things that anyone can get in regular play. Even the gold reward is less than the reward for completing the 3 daily quests. It’s absurd.

This last one was even worse it was 50 kills per 1%
I have complained myself and gotten a standard. “ we will talk to the developers “ 20 kills was bad enough.”

I really hope you are joking. We had people kill enough raid bosses to solo this raid three times by themselves. ![Screenshot_20200830-055812|250x500] 985% completed.


It is a bit unbalanced. We have 14 people and never make it past the first few rewards. We are all active but casual players who do not have time to dedicate to hours of play. I know there are other guilds that make it every time.

Given how it is difficult for any but the top guilds to recruit because of the lack of global chat and random sequence of guilds showing up, it is a bit of a punishment for us smaller casual guilds.

Level 15 and 16 characters completed 600 rooms per key. If your guild doesn’t have players that have characters of that level then you are correct. It would be too hard for you. If you have guild members of these levels and they could only do a few rooms they should look at how to clear the boss and stop complaining it is/was too hard. If your strategy is flawed to kill the boss it is on the player not Ludia to spoon feed you wins and loot. This event is for pve players and if you cannot clear the appropriate amount of rooms take a look in the mirror as to what you are doing wrong and stop complaining. One guild member having these appropriate levels could have cleared all these levels for your entire guild. As stated my guild completed almost 10 times the amount of rooms required. We had 100% participation but not everyone did over 50 rooms due to time constraints and having cleared the minimum 1800 within the first 9 hours of the event.

Leader of Above Syndicate.

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few player in my guild do good also
we know trick
level 14 army easy get 100 room per key

Exactly how long does it take to clear 600 rooms?

This is another rich get richer scenario. You have the time and money to complete 600 rooms, and I put food on my table.

That’s just fine, but remember that when you are playing the game alone with your 49 other mates. Don’t complain that all you play against are bots.

You had six days for a guild of 50 to clear 1800 rooms. I am sorry Slimeworms you work at a minimum wage job to put food on your table. As you can see other guilds were able to clear hundreds of rooms per key. Top PvP tier is made up mainly of bots already if you didn’t know. It’s been posted countless times about bots. I really hope to see you in PvP to kill you over your comments that have no merit. Rich be come richer… Really? Don’t have time to play… Why should anything be given to you without effort? As I said before we almost completed 10X the amount required and multiple people in my guild did enough to solo the full guild event X2 or more. We have people in Above Syndicate who have never spent a dime and are able to clear the full raid solo. The speed of my clearing is probably a lot faster than yours. This could be because of strategies or you are still new and learning how to play. Best of luck to Slimeworms and if the game is too hard to figure out maybe try another…

Leader of Above Syndicate

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The raids are not difficult to complete.

Above Syndicate crushed last raid. If anything the raids are too easy.

These are GUILD RAIDS, not ME AND A COUPLE OF MY FRIENDS RAIDS. They are meant for an entire guild of 50 people to all participate in and if you do then you only need each person to do 40 rooms. For the amount of loot you get that is a very minimal time cost. If your guild cant do it then its almost 100% because of lack of participation. If you feel you play enough to get the rewards then go get yourself into an actual active guild. The top 10 have the raids done on the first day, that 500 people who get everything within 24 hours. I have not looked past that but im sure plenty of other guilds are finishing it as well. You cant expect to get full raid loots if your not doing full raids, welcome to pretty much every RPG game ever played. You accomplish more and kill bigger things with more loots if you have more people, solo you are stuck with basic gear.

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I think people who are finding the raids difficult to complete should join active guilds. Problem solved! You are welcome :slight_smile:

I concur. The “We Are” family is always recruiting. I wasted too much time in semi-active guilds, but since joining We Are The Cure got full guild rewards without overexerting myself.

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