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Is The Battle Arena Broken?

Trying to get a PvP so I can just get my daily incubator. I have had three matches time out (after putting me in the arena) and had three where I was pitted against overboosted Thors and Indos that were several levels higher than my team. Had one match, where my team was 4 levels about the competitor as well. Is this an indication that there just are not enough people playing PvP anymore to make decent matches? Maybe it is just the time of day?

Honestly, the whole thing seems to have become a pointless grind-fest. I wish there were better ways to get DNA so I could stop playing arena altogether.


I would say that it is more broken than a mosaic vase in an art museum.


Currently battles are boring. After reaching ~5300 I loose battle after battle til i drop down to ~5100. Then I face teams 2-3 levels lower than mine and start winning again. Every day the same since the last update. Not to mention the timeouts.

When trying to get the daily incubator the first win is usually against KI.

Leveling up dinos or boost them doesn’t break this everyday “routine”.

I would’t be surprised if players battle less often or start a battle and watch tv til the battle is over.


Yes, this seems to exactly mirror my experience at the same level. I lose until I drop 200 to 300 trophies, then I move back to around 5300. Wash, rinse, repeat. And, like you, I have been stuck here for a long time, leveling and/or boosting seems to make little difference.


Yes, it’s bad. To top it off, last night the game started to epic crash. Like it closes itself mid battle. Then invisible dinos and no move sets when you reload. Also, matching is terrible at times… more often than not. Selling boosts like hot cakes doesn’t help, either. People with extra $$$ are spending even more money now with the new boost system and their dinos are no less powerful comparatively, and the algorithms barely account for the mega boosted dinos when matching. In addition, move sets have been buggy. Just last night I had a faster dino do an increase speed move, and the arrow never changed to me. The other dino didn’t have a speed reducing move, this was a legit glitch. I checked at least twice because I couldn’t believe what was happening and I thought I was seeing things incorrectly. I wasn’t.

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I’m at 5100 ish, and my son is at 4900 ish.
And yes the arena sucks for both of us.
I may move up to 5250 but then lose up to four or five in a row before winning the same amount as I lost.
The players I beat are always at my sons level, and the players I lose to are invariably 5400+.

Exactly the same happens to my son who goes down as low as 4690 before getting back up to 4930 again.
And it’s no surprise that his loss streak is against players in the Library with massively boosted Thor, Indoraptor, Erlidom and Tryko.

I tried to suggest that mm is back to where it was pre 1.10, but got shot down on another thread.
‘It’s much better now’
‘Stop whining and why start yet another thread’
‘I much prefer the new boost system’
Were amongst the responses.

I guess I’m playing a different game then because it sure seems to be the same as it was for me and my son. The only difference is it costs a whole lot more to get the dinos up to the stupid high levels they are at now.

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Imho mm matters here.
We are in an awkward situation. We have reached ~5300 trophies with a team that cannot yet compete with teams of higher ranked players.
We are “only” ~550 trophies away from the top 500 where teams mostly consist of lvl 30 dinos. My team consists of 2x30, 1x29, 3x27, 1x26 and 1x25 and is ranked 4105. So it will still take a long time to level up my dinos (and a lot of skill) to reach one of the top places.
Being “high” on trophies, but “low” in ranking says it all. There are a lot of players in the same situation.

But do they all face the same “50 First Dates” situation over and over again: Reach a certain amount of trophies, drop ~200 trophies and climb up again?
This is gonna be boring for a long long time.
What bothers me the most is losing to teams of equal strength (independent of boosts or skill) and winning again against teams with lower strength.

Maybe I should change team members for more fun. But then I will loose trophies and will drop down to aviary and in aviary mm is no fun at all.
Mmh? What to do?

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I’ve been keeping an eye on opponents from 4500 and never been matched with someone below my trophy count always above, when it comes to levels, I’m not using boosts at 5009 with most team at level 24 except for one being 25 and the other 22, I’ve mostly faced boosted teams.

today I got a matched with a level 30 team- didn’t even get past the first dino.

It’s only one when I loose somewhere around 300-400 Tpoints, that I face lower leveled teams but they’re all boosted.

funny though as soon as I entered library I faced AI 3 days straight which was this week.

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There will be times when you’ll be happy to fight AI.

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Yeah, I have been stuck at 5200-5300 for months. Every once in a while I might drop in Aviary for a couple of battles and then I climb back up. It’s super dull honestly. Almost all the teams are the same. Constantly running into over-boosted Thors and a few boosted Dracs still. I have said before, it’s a boring grind-fest at the moment.