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Is the end of creatures unique? do we really want a game without unique?

I have been playing this game since June 2018, just a few months after it appeared.

I loved the idea of ​​hunting and evolving my teams. The first teams were the kingdom of the commons and the rare. Then came the epics that brought a brutal level change. Then little by little the legendary ones appeared and little by little the epic ones disappeared from my team. The last to resist were two of my “children”, the stegoceratops and the gorgosuchus (what great memories of both). It was the kingdom of my stegodeus, my tragodistis, my spinotasuchus etc until I managed to start merging the first uniques and they were replacing the legendary ones. Law of life !! The last legendary who endured in the team was the tragodistis. I had to evolve the uniques to level 27 in order for them to be able to expel him from the team. Later some uniques replaced weaker uniques. It was the natural evolution waiting for the superuniques. Once epic entrances in the team no longer entered rare, when the legendary ones entered, new epics never entered and when the unique ones entered, they never again entered legendary. Those were the rules of the game. That was the game that the veterans explained to the newbies: the final objective of the game is to have uniques and the rest of the categories are intermediate until reaching the final objective.

But Ludia decided to change the rules of the game first with the rat, then with Yoshi, Indo2 and ENtelemoth … epic and legendary much better than most unique …

And now with the weekend tournaments, he’s completely turned the game around.

Now the advice that I should give as a veteran to a novice is never, never, never, under no circumstances and however tempted you may be you create a unique. You must create, evolve and boost epic or legendary with great power. In the general classification you will be a little behind who has 8 uniques but, on the contrary, you will be able to fight in the weekend tournaments and they will not.

On a personal level my last two decisions regarding which creature to evolve made me decide for Quetzorion and Ardentis Máxima ahead of Yoshi, Indo2, Monostegotops and some other unique. They were very calculated decisions and, a priori, well taken … but now it is evident that they were a “mistake”. If I had created and boosted Monostegotops and Indo2 I would be in roughly the same position in the general arena, this weekend I would be sweeping the tournament (possibly Top50 by joining these two boosted to tragodistis 30, stegodeus 30, spinotasuchis 29 etc) and now neither I’m not even playing (I made the minimum points for the alliance and I didn’t enter again). If I had chosen Yoshi and Indo2 I would have been very high in 3 of the last 4 open weekend championships in which I could not participate either.

Now I am in the same situation again. After many months with the same team, I have several candidates to join my team: Mammolania, 28, smilonemis, 28, Grypolith, 29, Pterovexus, 30. All of them would improve my team a little but they would still be of no use to me on weekends. I suppose I should create Indo2, or Yoshi or Phurusaura … but I have a hard time doing it, I think it betrays the spirit of the game.

The most competitive members of my alliance have already told me that they will not create uniques again. Your mammoth is not going to be useful for Mammolania or for a unique Entelomouth future, but rather they are going to evolve to Entelomouth itself. Soon in addition to Indo2 30 boosted in tournaments we will have a legion of Entelomouth 30 boosted. In epic tournaments, the filthy 30-boosted Yoshi will be joined by new 30-booted epics.

This is the game now, but is this really the game we want?

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I get the obvious pathos appeal, but I’m sorry, if you genuinely would tell a new player to never create a unique, you should not be giving new players advice.

Many uniques are bad, and many legendaries are endgame viable but this is absolutely no reason to say all uniques are to not be bothered with.

Look at the Gamepress tier list. Only 3 legendaries and 1 epic are in the tyrant tier. The remaining 9 are all uniques. Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Magna, Mammolania, Tryko, they’re all superior to the good legendaries like Phoru, IndoG2, Monostego and the good epics like Yoshi and IndomG2.

Some legendaries and epics being endgame viable is not a reason to not create or bother with uniques.

If you are focused on gaining trophies with the best possible dinos, you absolutely must create uniques for optimal success.


You cannot live in the beach without a unique, such uniques like Ardentismaxima and Geminititan are musts in the high arenas. You can use some other rarities like Phorusaura, Indoraptor gen 2, Indominus rex gen 2, Procerathomimus, but you can’t stay in the beach forever if your not gonna have even 1 unique.

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Don’t forget trykosaurus he literally counter the best stuff like nemys, grypo, the two towers, Orion, magna with crit luck and erlidom it’s a must on almost any team.

Yeah, i think i’m gonna keep trying make uniques. I honestly don’t care if they suck.

I think you did not understand me.

I’m not saying that a team with eight uniques will be no better than a team with eight legendary. Of course it will be. What I am saying is that with 8 boosted uniques you can reach Top1000 in the arena and with 8 legendary boosted you can become Top1500 or Top2000 but also, every month you can compete and be one of the best in legendary tournaments. If you create 6 powerful Legendary and 2 powerful epics, you will be able to compete in almost all tournaments and win DNA, Coins, Tickets or Boosts. With 8 unique powerful you can never compete. That’s what I’m saying.

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Unique advantage tournaments are a thing. They’re the rarest, but that only makes sense. Maybe they need to make the rewards better though.

Actually, thats not true. Advantage tournament with legendaries is once every 2 or 2.5 months.

Best decision is to create every creature. Why? You can have powerful arena team and powerful tournament team. You still need to be successful in arena to get most starting medals you can for tournament.

My endgame goal is to have all creatures lvl 30. Its a long road ahead.

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And what is the use of staying on the beach? Right, with 8 good uniques and lots of boosts, maybe you can make it to the beach and this month get 5000 DNA from Blue (which won’t do you any good either, but that’s another matter). I have come to the beach the last 4 months.

If instead of 8 uniques, someone has 4 uniques, Indo2, Yoshi, Monostegotops, and Sarcorixis with the same Boosts level, maybe they wouldn’t make it to the beach and should settle for 4600 Blue, maybe 4200.

But the first, 4 weeks ago, could not compete in the tournament that gave turtle and epic deer and obtained 150 DNA from each of them and the second could obtain fixed 1,250 from each of them and most likely 2,000 or 2,500 from each.

The first this week will earn 375 DNA from TREX2 and 1250 from common and the second between 3750 and 7500 from Trex2 and between 12,500 and 25,000 from common.


When this month ends, with Yoshi and Indo2 you will have been able to participate in 3 of the 4 open tournaments and earn very valuable rewards. With the unique, in none.

With a lot of effort I have already obtained 8 creatures of level 30. Actually, 11 … but I cannot participate in any open weekend tournament.

I think some really good points are made in the post.

The weekend tournaments are by far the most lucrative aspect in the game now. And to my knowledge I can only think of one tournament that allowed uniques to participate.

So if that continues to be the way of it then surely it’s better to build and boost dinos that will help you in the tourney, rather than build and boost uniques that will only help you in the toxic arena!

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That is the intention of the post.

Creating a new unique 30 and boost to the maximum will only give you a small plus in the arena that will make you get, at best, a small bonus. Creating an epic or a legendary of great power at 30 and boost to the maximum will give you almost the same plus in the arena and will propel you to the first positions of the weekend championships and you will be able to obtain colossal rewards.

The wonky rarity was for variety and so that new players can keep their mvps. However they are hardest to level because they have nutso coin and dna requirements

Why you cannot participate?

I’m in all tourneys. Aiming for top 250 in open tourneys without any arena boosted legendary or epic. Leveled some creatures for tourneys, while never stopped lvling some (Monostego is close to 30, Gorgosuchus is 27), eventhough I don’t use them anymore.

I’m not talking about the “all 26” tournaments or the open, common, rare or epic non-hybrid tournaments. In these I do participate and sometimes I enjoy a lot.
It is in the epic and legendary tournaments open with Yoshi and Indo2 boosted that only the minimum for the alliance participated. That a Boosted Indo2 can sweep your entire team even everything to 30 is not fun.

Even in the last open epic tournament I tried. I knew that without a Boosted Yoshi it could not be Top500 but I tried it with my team of average 25 … and it was the worst experience since I play this game. Every time I faced a Yoshi Boosetado I had 0 options, although the rest of the rival’s team was very bad.

It is not that they are scarce, it is that there has never been a tournament for uniques. They have all been able to participate epic or legendary or both.
Logically you cannot make a tournament with only uniques because you leave out of the tournament any player who does not have at least 4 unique but perhaps a tournament could be done from time to time for uniques, commons, rare and epic non-hybrids. Nor would it be the solution to the problem, but at least it would be a relief.

100% agreed with your Post.
You have a great Gemini on lvl 30 where you worked really hard and some other have a procerato, without any work and dominates the tournament. Thats JWA 2020!!!

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Even in normal arena epics and legendary are better because there so much easier to get.
I only use uniques and it sucks been stuck at 5150 cups for nearly a year but if I was to waste coin on epics and legendarys I would be a lot higher.
I think all uniques should have some sort of unique attack or ability that only that Dino has to make it UNIQUE

That makes a bit more sense. However, the idea of as many people being able to participate in a huge, integral part of the game is good isn’t it? Gives opprotunity to players not at in the top leagues.