Is the Forum the problem?

Had a thought “Is the game really that broken and unbalanced or does it just seem that way because I hop on the forum and hear nothing but people complaining about the same handful of creatures?”

Granted, Cautious Strike is more powerful than it has a right to be, and 90% of the other complaints are relatively justified, but why do we need to complain about them?

When Procerathamimus was first introduced I was pretty excited because it was a fast dino, not a raptor, that did not have Evasive Strike as its main move. (A move which I personally despise and always have, despit it being a fine, viable move) I created it the day the update dropped and had it on my team for a long while. However, I was not active on the forum at that time.

It is the same story with Indoraptor Gen 2. I had been hoping for a Blue hybrid, preferably an Indoraptor Gen 2, so when they made one I immediately made it my top priority to get. Used it for a while and really loved it. I hate how cheap she can be to use, so I go out of my way to have as much variety with her as possible, but still. Around this time I was also not very active on the forum.

They had just reset boosts and taken away my awesome, boosted TRex, so this was a good way to keep me happy with the game. Everything was fine, no big deal, it is what it is.

Then I decided to hop back on the forum and see what was going on over here, and suddenly everything that I had not cared about in the game is thrown under a microscope and criticized. I felt like an awful person for using a level 20 Procerathamimus and a level 19 Indoraptor Gen 2. Felt like I was contributing to the broken of the game by boosting any dinos. Whereas before I was content looking for the dinos I had yet to unlock, I found myself whining for something new. Suddenly alliances were crazy, dna was hard to find, creatures were out of balance, and the arena was frustrating. I find myself currently saying that if 1.13 does not fix the game I will probably delete it and find something else, which is stupid.

My point is that we should not let “mob mentality” rob us of a good time and fun adventure. Enjoy the game for what it is, stop looking for it to be flawless and accept it for all of the flaws. If you enjoy the game, enjoy it, if not, leave. I am going to play the game the way I want to play it and have fun in the process. Because it is a GAME!

I apologize for the length of this, but it had to be said.


I take the forum a lot less seriously than I used to for this very reason :+1:


The amount of people on the forums compared to the actual player base isn’t that high, but it’s a general rule that if something is too broken or too annoying in game then everyone comes here to vent about it.
If you see 50 topics about cautious strike, then you can really safely assume that it is a problem.
Maybe some issues here are put under a magnifying glass, but that does mean that there are issues.
Look at other games and their communities. Games with less problems and less bugs probably have a much nicer community with people sharing strategies instead of complaints.

So why are you here?


I Believe That The Game Isnt As Broken As People Say It Is But I Dont Think Its Because Of The Forum


I don’t think the forum is a problem at all.
It has zero impact on the game and just allows people to vent.
Despite all the doom and gloom the game is doing fine.
The best part about the forum is it’s helpful for choosing a team at your placement meta.
The GP tier list+Nerf posts=Success.


That’s not strictly true … if you have …

a. 50 people who hate something
b. 250 who love it
c. 2000 who are not bothered either way

You are going to hear about it from most of a, maybe 10% of b and probably none of c. So the majority are happy but from the forum’s point of view it looks like the world is on fire.

Sweeping generalisations obviously!


The game is 90% fine but the negativity on these forums blows any issues out of proportion.


So 5 times as many people like facing an indo gen 2 instead of despising it? :slight_smile: I don’t think complaint statistics work like that.

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Sadly the forum does impact on the game - Ludia listen more than people think. Remember all the sound and fury about arena droppers? Well Ludia gave us team weighted matchmaking in reponse - and we all know how well that has worked …


Ludia listen to complaints but always seems to take the wrong response :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… got me there.
I stand corrected.

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No, the forum is not the problem.

The game is actually broken and unbalanced. We have very serious technical reports demonstrating it, developed by very professional and unbiased people.

This forum is a place where people tend to release their frustration with the game. How they do it, may or may not be the best way. May or may not show the best attitude. But it’s definitely the game what’s broken.


I agree with every word, but you forgot to talk about the changes in the synoceratope with “Dig in”

Can anyone tell me what’s inappropriate about my post? My goodness…
Based on all the excess flagging I am going to change my mind to yes: the forum is the problem.


True, there are things that ruin the game because of the forum

It’s just something I grew numb to.
I don’t even read the green notifications anymore.
It’s like “John Spartan. You are fined 1 credit for violation of the…” and I’m already doing something else.


Hehe, no run on toilet paper in that future as well :stuck_out_tongue:


No, the forum is not the problem. Ludia is.


I don’t think the forum is the problem. Yes there are some toxic parts, and we should be doing better on that, but this place is more a place for people to vent, typically as a last resort.

When boost 2.0 rolled out, how many new forum members came here to vent the anger about it?

Some don’t want indo g2 nerfed, but want CS to be not as broken. A lot of people want CS to not do everything it does (can we agree on what to change, not really), but changing CS in any capacity would be a nerf to indo g2. And because we can’t come up with a way to rebalance CS without nerfing indo g2 harshly, there are plenty of posts about reworking the dino as a whole. (some of which are actually pretty good) And a lot of that devolves into “learn to counter it” mentality that just gets everyone arguing and not actually listening to each other.

Procerathomimus is a case of just over buffing her for the dodge nerf, and not quite bringing her back enough for her classification. (hybrid not a super hybrid)

OP, don’t feel horrible about using the dinos you like. The game itself has a long list of crazy balancing issues that are in no way your fault. If you wish to use Procerath and indo G2 then do so. I don’t want to see either nerfed to the ground, but rather more balanced so we don’t end up with an exponentially growing power creep that will burn everything out.


No. That’s a word the mods use to make us feel like we’re the problem.