Is the Forum the problem?

i mean, when people are throwing threats out there, idk what else to call it.

Threats get moderated and deleted, so whatever remains cannot be that toxic.

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Fair point.
I should find a different term then.
Fired Up?

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I think they could change the attributes of some dinos, not the skills themselves

Well that is for sure the case, and there’s nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:


CS does a bit too much for my liking. SV is about all i would allow a move to do in terms of how many effects it has. but how to you make CS not a broken move without harshly nerfing the creature that has it?

I don’t know…

An the fact that your post got censored just reinforces it XD

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Twice! Given up

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It’s never the players fault for making and using the most OP creatures. It’s the game’s fault for allowing them. And yes, there’s too much negativity in this forum, but that doesn’t mean they’re all nonsense. We gotta know how to separate the whinings from constructive criticism.


What an odd post. States the game is broken then asks if its the forums fault the game seems broken.

No mate, its not.

If you are happy with the game as it is, then good for you. Don’t go on threads that clearly aren’t. I don’t do fan threads on new dinos coz I find them pointless. Doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t exist and people can’t find some benefit to them.


The amount of misunderstanding in this thread is hilarious

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No the forum isn’t the problem.

The problem is the sheer lack of communication between Ludia and the players.

And that doesn’t look like it’s going to change.


The forum isn’t the problem, Ludia not giving a damn about anything but money is.

They won’t fix bugs unless it affects profits.
They constantly downgrade gaming experience for profits.
They won’t even communicate because they dont care about our opinions.

But hey what else would you expect from a slot machine gambling company?


Ludia doesnt care about money either. Given how much value they leave on the market floor. They are probably more lazy than greedy. Or just plain incompetent.

Prob get flagged for this post.


Nah we all have heard worse(true, but worse than calling ludia lazy and incompetent)

Those words can describe the forum often, after we get a bout of nonsense.

There are negetive people here on the forum, and yes we might come up with ideas that would harm the game (most of the time these “Bad ideas" are not really suggestions), but for the most part the forum isn’t the problem. The only time and reason the forum could be considered the problem is when Ludia uses one of the bad ideas, but that’s Ludia’s choice. Now I appreciate it when Ludia listens, but they need to make the right decisions on what to listen to.

People how know nothing about the balance and basic mechanics of the game dpn’t or shouldn’t talk about it. Unbalanced creatures are the problem and we should talk about it loudly imo

Aw now I want to post the meme of ludia shooting the game but blaming the players. But of course it’ll get flagged and deleted

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