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Is the game down for everyone or just me?

Haven’t been able to play since yesterday, and I’m wondering if the servers have gone down? Or if it’s just my device and everyone else isn’t having this issue. I don’t think it’s a problem with the internet connection as other things have been able to load, and I don’t know if there’s maintenance happening right now?? Any answers are appreciated, thank you! <3
(And sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I tried looking but didn’t see any.)

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I made a similar post. Myself, and some others, get a network error 85 where it says your device time may be incorrect… No real answers or solutions though

My game seems to be ok on my android.

I have the same problem, can’t connect since yesterday (Android). I constantly get the “problems with your internet connection” message.

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No problems here either. Sounds so crazy your issues… May it be a low connection speed? Have any of you changed location?

Hi, all!

I have the same problem, and I actually did some network analysis. There is an untrusted CA in the network chain; the game tries to connect and immediately runs into a TLS error that causes the connection to be reset. My guess is that Ludia broke something server-side (possibly a certificate expired and was replaced by one that certain versions of Android don’t trust).

Hopefully they will do something about this soon, but it might require manually installing a new CA our devices if they aren’t able to replace the problematic certificate.

Nice to know it’s not just me, though.