Is the game dying already?


4 battles in a row my team (Level 14-16) just fought 4 ludia bots in a row (Level 19-20).

I obviously lost all 4 and dropped a couple of hundred trophies.

There’s only one reason I’m facing ludia bots 4 games in a row - there’s hardly anyone battling in the Arena at trophy range 3150-3250 at the moment.

Makes me wonder if the game population is tanking.

Anyone else struggling to find real players?

So glad I stopped spending at £65 and feel sorry for those who have sunk hundreds or thousands into this game.


Nope, they changed the matchmaking quite long ago.

If you loose vs players twice, you will only face Bots until you win.

(yeah, lost hundreds of Trophies to Bots as well, when I was around 3500)


Yep keep bouncing 3400 down to 3200


Not today, Bot. You won’t stop my Raptors with your overleveled crap.


It’s all down to when people are playing and doing arena match as well.

I’m not sure how the game handles the match making and if you do face other players from the same region or it’s world wide. But I’ve had a few times, where I’ve waited a while for a game to appear and I’m in the 2500-3000 bracket (1 game away from entering the last arena bracket).

But I do hope the game isn’t dying as I would like to see further development/updated to the game.


Hehe, one up for the humans!


Totally agree and I do think they’re slowly improving it, starting with the events.


I finally made it past 3200. Sitting now at 3313. But I’m not really doing all that much battling. Really want to fix my team first.


Theres not that many people in arena 7… its not easy to stay there and without paying its harder to have good dinos that are good enough to stay in arena 7… simple as that lol