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Is the game still down for maintenance?

My game still says it is down for maintenance but it sounds like some people have access

I have an iPhone 11 in Texas and it says maintence code 10057

I am in Costa Rica and have exactly the same problem.

If it’s still Down that’s fine but i couldn’t tell it sounded like others could play maybe I read it wrong

I get the same in the UK, others definitely look to be playing again though

if you can’t find the update in the app store, try uninstalling/reinstalling the game

I think iOS is having a bunch of issues.

Try seeing if there is another update for you.

Thank you, I didn’t think to go to the app store, I’m in now :slight_smile: Hope that’s the same for everyone!

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Ya I have no update and I thought about uninstalling it just makes me nervous I might lose data or something

Okay, you guys may need to uninstall. BEFORE YOU DO, write down your support keys in case something goes wrong.

If you are connected to Facebook, Google play or the like it should bring you right back to where you were. If you’re not connected reach out to support for step by step instructions!


Also, we suggest everyone go to their app store and make sure they have version 2.0.38 installed (the newest build). If you are still seeing the beach loading screen you are on the wrong version.


What is we don’t have an update and my version is 2.0.37?

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Same mine is 2.0.37 not .38

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What is a support key number?

when you first load up your game, it is displayed at the bottom of the screen on the loading screen.

Mine actually finally gave me the update option

Contacted support earlier today as not been able to get on all afternoon, not heard back yet.
I’m not connected to fb or anything. My profile is set as a guest.
Hopefully they will get back to me soon. I’ve spent a lot of time and money getting my team up.

They threw some extra man power at the backlog, shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Still waiting. Missed out on all raids so far and the rest of the game for almost 2 days now.
I’m a VIP member so pay for this too. I’m very frustrated tbh.