Is the game trying to trick me

So I’ve been trying to breed Skrillcrusher (I already have two) so I could get him to four stars in the future. I’ve been breeding my two Skrillcrushers for a loooong time now. So, with the new update we got Book of Dragons. And in here we can see which dragons that we have are the best to breed a certain dragon (that’s how I understand it at least). And look at this (sorry for the yellow filter):

So the best thing to do to get Skrillcrusher is to breed my Skrillcrusher with Gutsy Boltstamper?? As I said, I have another Skrillcrusher and Knock Rocket. I always thought that the chances of getting a better dragon are increased when I breed well… also better dragons. Maybe I understand that wrongly? What do you think?

Nothing in game says those are best chances, just “a” chance. Not sure how it chooses combo or if it is random

Alright, it was just weird for me. Because, for example, when I click to see how to breed a Waveshaker, it shows that I should breed my Shifty Murklurker and Warcry, but I also have two Warcry-es. But here, the game chooses to give me a “better” option. But when I look at Skrillcrusher it suggests Gutsy Boltstamper and Skrillcrusher. ;-; Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s random indeed.

I think it is more likely because Skrillcrusher is a hybrid - so you need two different dragons to get him.
But just conjecture on my part. I haven‘t gotten a Skrillcrusher yet.

Breeding 2* x 4* is cheaper than breeding 4* x 4*. And it also lasts less hours, though the result (getting a new copy of Skrillcrusher) must be around the same.

No, that’s not quite right. We always need different dragons, or a copy. When it comes to hybrid dragons, getting them from breeding dragons of the two individual species that created the hybrid suspicies is rarer than getting a hybrid from the breeding of two hybrids. So, breeding 2 hybrids to get another hybrid is advised. But that is… it. When you breed hybrid dragons together, it’s like you breed two individuals of the same species together, like a Stormcutter with a Stormcutter, and is done under the same laws of possibilities. The rest is just RNG.

Now then; @Toff said she has another Skrillcrusher, so she can breed these two Skrillcrushers together. But. There’s always a but. 4x4 breeding is costly and has a long wait ahead. And she can get that copy very well if she does 3x4 instead. Or 2x4, fine.

The criteria here is:

  1. if she’s only interested in having a new dupe for Skrillcrusher and Knock-rocket, or if she wants a chance at getting a copy of the next tier hybrid as well, in which case she should do 4x4,
  2. her fish deposit (she should choose what’s the most optimal breeding option so she’ll have no issues with either collecting too many fish to be able to play or spending too many to be able to afford level ups),
  3. how long she’s willing to wait (or pay in runes to speed up).

@Toff I hope you find this helpful.

Alright thank you! (I’m “she” btw) I knew that the breeding time is shorter and the cost is lower when you breed a two star and a four star but I thought that a chance of getting another four star with this combination is just way lower than when you breed two four stars. ^^’


Ah, got it, but see, the possibility is really the same. I have explained the hows I would do the breeding, and the whys. It depends on what you want and what resources you have at the time.


Eh, you’re welcome, and… I’ll keep this in mind. For now, I just edited my older comment.

That’s nice, thanks!

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