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Is the grypolyth raid broken?

Distraction doesn’t seem to be working against it and the new higher damage is killing my team. Anyone have a idea how to beat it? Used to be Ardent , Toura, tryos and Thor. Now we can’t beat it

Did Grypo kill at the beginning of round 3, as it has a cleanse at the start of that one

No it’s just killin us any number of ways. Once we killed it too fast another time ardent died another time Thor. Seems very random. Then we tried dilo instead of Thor and that didn’t work either. It’s getting over 2k crits sometimes on opening attack. Just seems way harder now

Must be bad Crit luck then, I thought the tail swipe was fixed

Well and seems to be immune to distraction too

It resists it, but isn’t immune

Use ardenmaxima,tuora masupial lion and irritator…best strat

What levels? Prob not a whole lot of high level marsupial lions in our alliance

Level 8 minimum is needed. High levels are Tuora and Ardent, but we’ve worked with a 22 Tuora, 23 ardent, level 10 Irri and Marsupial Lion. None were boosted there you go touro irritator thyla and max or ardent if you dont have one

I’ll try it thanks. Couple close calls in that video. If croc crits with the tail swipe it could be over quick

well if that scared you have a look at this one :stuck_out_tongue: