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Is the Indoraptor gen 2 meta coming back

Within the past month I have faced people using Indoraptor gen 2 in the tournament.

They only use cautious strike. It leaves me questioning “Is it coming back”?

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No. It just got slightly better

It will rise again!!
:neutral_face: Ive seen it a lot in battles


Tournament is one thing… Only Legendaries and lower, it can be quite useful. But arena is a different story. Add the top Uniques and Apexes into the mix, and Indo2 is still crap


Maybe in the tournaments, but I don’t think in the arena.

Hasn’t got the greatest amount of heath and has 0 vulnerability resistance meaning it will most likely get one shot by a lux, skoona or even a draco swap in since with vulnerability a draco swap in does 60% total HP, 75% with a lucky crit because most indos don’t go evasive stance turn 1 they go CS mostly.

oh come on guys if you actually think the current indog2 is even close to what it was in the past you clearly didn’t play before 2.0, you can’t even spam cautious strike since resilient strike literally removes all of its effects and also applies vulnerability


Ok fine if you say so

While my answer is no, I do believe it to be a lot better because deceleration has gone away for the most part.