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Is the indoraptor good

I am very close to getting Indoraptor is it good or bad.

…No. complete sentence.

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how it bad can you tell me.

Lots of counters


Um…no. Indorapter’s attack stat is 1400, 1096 at level 21.


Been working good for me

its good starting out. gets shut down really easily by resilient, but works well as thor counter for the most part.

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Somewhere in between, is shut down completely by shielding resilients, especially dioraja and tryko, but is a somewhat decent counter to Thor and monolometrodon

Sorry about that rant. I use a website that isn’t up to date so yeah…

Indo is super weak any resilient kill it and some fierce you would be better off leveling up indominus

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is indoraptor worth it?



indo is good for a first unique but once you get others, you’ll realise how bad it really is. it cant break shields anymore which is annoying


I have indo raptor lvl 24 and I am in aviary and it helps me with lots of dinos…but resilient is a good counter

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Mine is now level 26. It’s strength I give it helps continueing the battles. So strength 5260 is good for to wins on level 20 with about 4800 battlepoints.

I think it would be ok if it had shield shattering instead of only armor shattering, but yeah it is not as good as it used to be

Indoraptor is a great hybrid. Not as good as he used to be since he lost shield breaking and with the rise of Resilient creatures. I’d still prefer Indoraptor over Indoraptor G2 any day.


Indoraptor still sucks at later levels

He has worked well for me as far as I got, which was Aviary. I can imagine above that other hybrids majorly outperform him.


This little guy destroys level 24 and under Indoraptors…

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