Is the 'Last Online' feature broken?

There are 49 people in my alliance, and for the past week or so the ‘Last Online’ feature has shown all of them as logging in every day. I sincerely doubt this is the case, as I have never come anywhere close to that kind of consistency since Alliances were rolled out. I am pretty sure the feature is broken. Please fix it – alliances are not manageable without it.


Wrong forum?

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Agreed. Everybody in my 50-strong alliance is listed as online in the last day, but only 13 people have played in the tourney so far (our score is pathetic BTW)

This tends to bug out a lot if you battle, dart, or spin drops. Close app, relaunch, and check this before doing anything else. It usually shows the correct times a person last logged in if you check it before doing anything else.


It’s the whole chat function that is broken, not just the last online feature.

Just as when you request dna, or donate it, it works as soon as you log in, but within a few minutes it’s unworkable.

So when you restart the game, check before doing anything else and you will see the true time since they last logged in. If you do anything else before checking it will say they have been on within a day.


My alliance also says that but one Time a week ago it actually showed it and over half hasn’t been on for 3 weeks

Thank all – checking it first thing worked.


Happy to help!