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Is the lottery worth it?

Just wondering if you guys think the lottery is worth it or should I just save and spend my loyalty points on vip creatures. My current thoughts are it’s worth it until you get up to gold tier but.


I do the lottery every week through the diamond prize this is generally the lowest tier 6 of the 7 days (usually food or coin entry cost) the 2nd tier twice a week (when the cost is DNA) and the highest tier every day (the VIP points). If you do the bulk purchase of tickets each day the total VIP points per day is 1200-1600 depending on the entry this equates to somewhere between 8,400-11,200 in VIP points per week. However I have never seen it be either 1200 or 1600 every day for a week it is usually 50/50 or 40/60 meaning it is usually around 10,000 VIP points a week. This is the same cost as the lower tier VIP pack. This pack will give you the one VIP creature, so will the diamond prize in the lottery. You will need to spend ~ 7,000 DNA (for the two days) plus the food/coin or whatever the lowest tier lottery is, but you will get at a minimum 1 rare, super rare, legendary, and VIP creature. Plus all of the winnings you get from the various lottery prizes. So in summary I think it is worth it and do it every week.


Doing that strategy this week, the DNA is hurting a little bit from it since I bought some stuff before hand but super excited to push for the loyalty creature considering i get more resources and tournament creatures and possible loyalty creatures for roughly the same loyalty point cost

@Sionsith is this calculation still valid? I understand the calculation from the VIP point perspective, but how many others beside the VIP do I need to purchase to claim the Diamond (without the real world money options of course)?
This week I even purchased those for the DB’s but it looks I’m coming up short.

Every week, I do everything that is neither real money or dinobucks. Assuming that I don’t glitch out and reset, I hit the diamond prize on Sunday morning just using the VIP points and don’t have to watch ads on the first slot. I’m pretty sure that you can miss more days on the first slot, but I don’t know how many

I usually skip the day where the first slot requires DNA, and then on the days where the second slot is DNA, I do a bulk purchase of 10 each day and then 5 additional on the first day… that seems to get me to the exact amount needed to hit the diamond prize.

Here is a link to a thread where I tracked and recorded the values for each slot through out the week. Prize Drop tracking

Latter when I am back at my computer I can calculate an approximate amount of tickets needed not doing the VIP slot.

For VIP members it’s all days of the first and VIP slot, 23 tickets of the second slot when it’s DNA which is the exact amount needed to get the VIP creature.

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I am not sure if you can hit the Diamond prize with out being VIP or spending money. I am not sure how much of tickets in slot 2 and 3 you can purchase (is it 10 or 20 each day?) I know on Wednesday and Thursday you can do 20 of slot 2 but I have never tested the other days to see what the maximum amount of tickets you could buy are.

Lets assume you can do 20 tickets of each on each day Which would give you a possible 70 tickets of slot 1, 100 tickets of slot 2, and 80 tickets of slot 3. This would get you to 92.76% of the way to the diamond spin leaving you about 7.24% short that you would need to purchase on Monday with more DB. Now if you can only do 10 tickets of slot three you are looking at being about 55% through the Diamond bar and would need to shell out the DB needed on Monday to get the rest of the 45% of the bar, guessing this would be very pricey.

Thanks @Sionsith, really appreciated. I think I didn’t buy enough of the second slots on the first days, will do that after reset.

Yeah I’m VIP so shouldn’t be a problem.

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