Is the new character ever going to be released for non VIP?

It’s been weeks of “See you likes me” for 2 days at a time. Would like to match but don’t want to pay a monthly fee. The character’s name is River I think?

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Hey @strayblackcatXIII, VIP players get early access to new characters but they do eventually become available to all. They will, over time, leave your “See who likes you” section as well. As long as you keep matching you will come across them! :sparkling_heart:

I know but roughly how much longer until that happens? I can’t match with anyone else right now. They’re all counterparts

Ah okay! @strayblackcatXIII, If you could write to our team at with this info and your support key we can check this out for you.

Has anyone none VIP been able to match with him yet?

No, he’s still under my “See who likes you”