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Is the Omega Rex boss worth it?

Is it actually worth it?

Does it look really cool? Yes

Are there good rewards for attempting/completing the battles? Only if you think 30 Dinobucks for the S-DNA is worth it. Because you need to assume that the prize wheel will give you small coins or small food. Be pleasantly surprised if you get anything else

Theoretically, you can grind away for locked creatures if you can win in Doom League, but the odds are so small (assuming you can actually win Doom League) that it’s a complete pipe dream


Short answer: no.
Longer answer: not at all.

I’ve stopped caring about boss missions until the rewards are actually worth putting in the DB and the time & effort it takes.


Not worth it


Not worth it at all, I’ve won a couple of the defeat 12 opponents while my best prize is 100db I could win that in ceno PvP and shed quadruple of the time wasted with these boss events.

I’m interested in more creature releases and hybrid releases I have no interest in playable bosses, were dinosaurs, aquatic creatures, cenozoic creatures and hybrids not enough?!?!


Yea not worth it I’ve gotten doom prize only gave food and coin almost never dinos or lps or bucks I’ll still get bdna but not worth doing fights


The rewards are awful and if the boss is low level then the rewards are absolutely abysmal. There is no point in using the boss if it’s low level.

Even stat wise, it’s awful. She has more attack than health, thus the point of you leveling her up is just to give her more HP, thus tanking more hits allowing you to kill more enemies.

The rewards are awful which is why pvp will always be the better time and dbux investment.

They need to up the rewards big time. Otherwise it’s useless for mid-late game players. Same goes for the Gyrosphere battles.




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Translated from Turkish

This is ridiculous, even newcomers can’t improve.
They should take down their difficulties first, why are the superiors always making it rich?

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Welcome to the forums @Hakan_World . If you level up and stash resources you will reach your goal.

No, it isn’t worth it. The chances of getting food or coin are 86% for lower tier prizes, and the chances go up (yes, UP) to 90% as you reach higher prize tiers in the events. So you’re basically trading 20 or 30 dino bucks for a tiny quantity of food and coin, and the chance of getting some S-DNA, but only if you win. I didn’t start winning these events until I got my Omega to level ~26 or so. Then again, I only do the one with 12 opponents so your results may vary if you stick to playing the other events, they might be different.

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