Is the Ourano DNA bug fixed?

I don’t see any topics on the subject, but I know how Ludia likes to “clean up” their forums, so I just want to know if trying to collect the daily Ourano DNA still freezes everybody’s games?

I didnt receive my Ourano DNA just now… game didnt freeze but it didnt give me the DNA either…

@John @Ned any idea why?

Collected it normally today.

I didn’t receive mine last night. The game didn’t freeze, the block turned green and when I clicked it it should have awarded the dna but it wouldn’t respond…just stayed green.

I completed the missions earlier and when I tried collecting the reward for the last mission it froze. I restarted the app and it told me what rewards I missed then I clicked on the Ourano reward and collected it.

I restarted the app when it didn’t give me the dna but upon restarting it didn’t give me the “missed rewards” screen either. I completely did not get the daily mission dna. A couple of hours later it reset the daily missions for the next day. I thought maybe when the reset happened I’d get the dna…but it didn’t happen.

It worked fine for me yesterday. Haven’t tried today yet.

Hey @Pedrovisk and @AluminumWanderer, there was an issue affecting players who were trying to collect their Daily Mission rewards, and our team had sent out the rewards for that day through the in-game mail. If you were still having an issue afterwards, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key. Thanks!