Is the price for donating DNA low?

I diden’t expect the price of donating DNA be that low.
Everyone is so far searching for Kaprosuchus, if i donate total 14 dna I would gain 42(!) golden coins…

Is this serious?!

I would sell 50 kapro DNA for the value of how rare it is to find. I would rate 50 of this dna for atleast 1000-2000 golden coins!


Haven’t traded DNA yet, but rewards for daily missions are extremely low too, 25 coins… that’s like walking the street and finding half a penny and expecting to buy a mansion…


yeah they are not exactly encouraging dna trading unless it is truly worthless.

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Yeah. So far my mates don’t sell that mutch!


Still wonder if anyone else feel this…!?

That’s barely one rare hybrid fuse. Rofl
Such a joke.

Last up!

Still any responce!

Why can‘t we set our own prices!?

It’s definitely donating at these prices. Try to remember the generous people and match their generosity.

It would be great if we could specify how much we are willing to pay for the DNA, the others put on a request and you confirm the trade

Does the player requesting DNA pay for it or does it just come from Ludia?

Who pays the coins the player or Ludia?

Who pays for the coins? The player or the game?

I think Game is paying coin from its own side. You are not playing from your own coins.

I am not confirmed though.

Can I post anything without being it being hidden?

When you get DNA do you pay the coins or does that come from Ludia?