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Is the run to IndoRaptor worth it?

Naive question. I’ve probably fast tracked my run currently as I’ve only been playing a few weeks and have managed to go through the whole process of levelling up TR and VR to 40 to unlock the Indominus Rex.

I just levelled him (or her) to level 20, and put most of my resources towards it. I’ve currently got hardly any DNA (will take a few days to replenish) and bucks (as I keep speeding up the IR).

But the problem I see in the future in levelling my Indominus Rex to level 40 (which I’m thinking will take a very long time?) Is the velociraptor DNA.

I’ve been collecting since I could, and have about 750. I think I need about 4000 and dont really know the best method to get it faster.

I guess my question is: once I do super-hybridise the Indominus to form an Indoraptor, am I able to purchase it from then on using regular DNA or is it going to be “hatch using X velo-DNA”.

Because I can see myself working another month or 2 to get the indoraptor only to have him blocked at level 10 for about a year.

This sounds like jwtg not jwa

Yeah the formatting of my phone is garbage. All the backgrounds are the same so I keep ending up in the wrong forum without realising, my apologies.

@Adam_Walter Looks like it got moved to JW:TG, look up my post on Ferocity, I will post a more in depth response later tonight but you need to know the implications to your PvE, which I also have a fairly in-depth post on.

Adding Link to the PvE post: Why is PvE Sooo Hard, or is it?

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At this stage of your game a Indoraptor would ruin you. Ferocity is a essential thing you should know in this game. @Sionsith already mentioned to look at his post about ferocity, he explains nearly everything.
In short: Learn how to calculate the ferocity of your lineup and than always try to keep your 10, 20 or 30 strongest dinos as balanced as possible, regarding ferocity. The more the better.


Here’s the post from @Sionsith earlier references

The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)


I’ve been playing the game for a couple years now, and I just now got an indoraptor along with my second one. The pain that just having one indoraptor has put me through almost makes it not worth it. You’ll see a huge increase in the dinosaurs stats that you’ll be playing against in events. I went from being able to easily do all my events everyday to having to pick what I need more because I only have strongest enough dinosaurs for a few battles. But at the same time, I feel like Ludia has to find a way to reward players for putting in time for the game, rather than punishing them for having a bad ass dinosaur. So I’d like to hope that it will be worth it, but it’s made things very challenging.


To answer your other questions super-hybrids always require their particular s-DNA, in the case of Indoraptor, Velociraptor s-DNA.

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The game got a lot harder as soon as I got the indoraptor. But, I figure ludia will eventually start rewarding us for doing good in the game so you might as well get him.

There are lots of things to consider when thinking about upgrading certain Creatures. This goes for all groups, Aquatic, Cenozoic, and Jurassic. A balanced approach will feel like it is taking longer but will allow you to participate in all areas of the game. Focus on one area to much and you will all of a sudden find it very hard to compete in a Cenozoic tournament when all you did was focus on Jurassic. Also food and DNA in the beggining will be one of your most needed resources and if you advance one creature to fast it will eat all of those resources making it even harder to keep a balance.

The balance is of course if you want to partake in all areas of the game, however if you just want to get the strongest creature you can just because you can go down that road. You just need to be aware of the consequences of that path if you go down it. For starters if you want to unlock any more creatures or complete any number of daily events you will be spending a lot on creature cool downs as to complete any event you will need that strongest creature in the mix for every battle and when you start getting into end game creatures you can expect cool downs on creatures to start getting up to not just hours but days, and the cost to speed them up can be from 200-500 DinoBucks per cool down for the 1-2 day cool down creatures.

But to answer your question is the run to Indoraptor worth? Yes if you your account is ready for it to be part of your line up. It is worth it as you will start to accumulate SDNA for all of the Super Hybrids and that SDNA can only be used for that particular creature so you will start amassing it through just playing the game. This will also free up your regular DNA to go after other creatures that are not Super Hybrids. But again your account needs to be ready to support these much stronger creatures especially the Indoraptor which is currently the strongest creature in the game at level 40. @Tommi is right in that you need a cast of creatures at the top end of your line ups that can support the top three creatures in each grouping. If you let your top three get to far out in front you will start to notice your PvE become unplayable without lots of cool down refreshes at a high cost of DB.


Ludia will only reward you with harder and harder matches based on your top creatures.


Take a look at this topic:
‘The Exit Battle Cheat’
Here you can see what happened to me with a slightly unbalanced lineup and what I had to do to bring the game back in line.


My experience is just the opposite. If you ever get the impression of being rewarded let us know.


All of the above.


Hey everyone, does anyone know how many s-DNA it takes to create an indoraptor after the first one (4000 s-DNA) is created? I think the first monostegotops uses 3000 s-DNA and the next one only uses 1000. I have just about 13000 velociraptor s-DNA and want to know how many indoraptors I can create.

2000 for Indoraptor, 1000 for Monostegotops.

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Thanks @Tommi… So I can create 5 indoraptors at lvl 10. I wonder if I create them what the consequences will be. I don’t want to throw my whole game out of whack!

Did you follow the discussions in this forum about ferocity and balanced lineup of your team?

Post a screen shot of the top of your Jurassic line up, that way we can weigh in on what will happen potentially.

ok @Sionsith here are a few screenshots of the top of my lineup.